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File details

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ArmoryLab Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 16.36 MB
Game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Dec 07, 2006
Downloads: 3413

This mod adds a armory and laboratory.

Mod details:

This mod adds six rooms any player can access. There are two main sections--the armory and the laboratory.

The armory is for repairing, storing, and displaying armor and weapons.

The laboratory is very useful for alchemy, enchanting and crafting.

The ingredient sorter can remove all ingredients from your inventory and store them into the appropriate jars. When making potions, the sorter can remove all ingredients, or only those with a specific effect, based on your alchemy skill level. A set of master apparatuses on the lab table stay in place while you use them, so there is no need to pick them up and put them back down. Potions can be stored in separate containers based on attribute or school of magic.

For enchanting, there are spellmaking and enchanting altars available if you are a member of the Mages Guild and have access to Arcane University. Plenty of containers (24) on the enchanting desk are all within easy reach, while sitting or standing in one place, for storing all sorts of crafting and enchanting needs.

For those who want to plant their own gardens, lots of planter space is available in the arboretum (may be quite useful for vampires for staying out of sunlight). Make sure "gardening.esp" is enabled.

With all the display cases and containers, this mod definitely helps the organizing perfectionist.

To access ArmoryLab, just use the portal next to the front door of any buyable house. No key or anything else is required--available for use by any player.

Enable the gardening.esp and ArmoryLab-manikins.esp mods to fully utilize the manikin pedestal room and arboretum. The Harvest Mod (DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp) is also highly recommended.


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