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File details

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Player Fishing v1.0 Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 1.87 MB
Game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Dec 07, 2006
Downloads: 2227

This mod adds players the ability to fish with a minigame.

Mod details:

Player Fishing v1.0 by Sarkandar - November 2006

This mod will give the player the possibility to fish the waters of Tamriel,
something that is strangly enough not possible in the original game.
It is done by a little mini-game (see description below on how to play it).

You'll need a fishing pole first to be able to fish. A mini-quest to get it is


I called the main file 'Players with Jobs.esp' because this could be the first
of a series, following the steps of my other mod 'NPC with Jobs'.

Unzip the files in your oblivion directory (overwrite when prompted).
Start Oblivion Launcher, choose data files and select the 'Players with Jobs'


When the mod is active, there is a book called 'Fish Slayer' somewhere inside
Aelwin Merowald's house (the fisherman of Weye, the first house on the left
when leaving the IC). This book will contain enough information on obtaining
the fishing pole.

To use, you need to equip the fishing pole like a weapon and draw it. You will
be freezed in motion when drawing it. You need to be out of running or sneaking
mode to be able to fish (you'll get warned).

Press & release the run button to cast the line. The longer you hold it, the
further you'll cast.
Aim yourself at some fish first because the bait will attract fish only in a
certain area around it.

When the bait landed on land, you'll get a notice and need to recast.

When the bait landed close enough to a fish, the fish will be attracted to it.
You'll get a message when it nibbles at the bait. Press run again to catch the
fish on the hook.
(If you press run when there's no fish nibbling, the bait line will be
retracted and you can cast again)

Now you have to reel it in with the sneak button. You only need to go into
sneak mode once and it will keep reeling. The fish will slowly come your way.
The bigger the fish, the slower it comes.

At random times, the fish will try to escape. When you get the warning, you
have a short time to go out of sneak mode and pull (run button) the line. If
you react too slow, the fish will escape and you will have to start over.

If you pull while the fish is not escaping, the line can break and the fish

When the fish hits the shore or is close enough to you, you'll get the option
of throwing it back (the fish is reset to it's original position) or keeping it
(the fish will die on it's current spot and you can loot it). Dead fish will
respawn like usual.

To stop fishing at any time, just undraw the pole and you'll be free to move

Have fun!


Bethesda didn't give a way to identify fish. I used an unused faction for this,
oblivionCreature, thus providing a way for other fish-creating mods to be
compatible to this mod. AliveWaters v0.31 uses this faction as well, as agreed
with Windsurfer, so you should be able to fish on those fish as well.


Cow1787; fishingpole design
Deception_2112: beta testing
DXXter: fishingpole icon, beta testing
GuidoBot: his useful code thread.
Invader13: beta testing
Jaded42: beta testing
Phitt: Help with immobilizing the player
Tegid: local actor reference script
Windsurfer: compatibility with AliveWaters

My gratitudes to all the people who helped me out or supported me at the fori.


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