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File details

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Oblivion Cats v0.2b Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 7.18 MB
Game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: May 09, 2006
Downloads: 2605

This modification for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion adds wandering cats to the streets.

Mod details:

By Tegeal

- This is for the cat lovers :D. Here is my mod which adds cats into oblivions
streets and backalleys in hope of adding some more life to this amazing game.
There isnt any groundbreaking gameplay changes or new quests here just subtle
extra life to oblviions towns :)

- To Install simply extract "Oblivion Cats v0.2.rar" into your oblivion
directory, and the files will go into the necessary folders
then in the oblivion startup menu go into Data Files and check the box for
this mod.
(easiest way is to copy this rar into "\bethesda softworks\oblivion" and
right click > extract here)

Fixed the major flaw in the cats run from vamp script where even if you cure
they will still flee from you.
*fixed aggressive cats

- removed inactive guard scripts, leveled lists and a crimedisposition modifier
(didnt alter the value simply read as modified)
so as not to conflict with mods such as psycic guards, and creature spawn
mod's. The wilderness spawn can be fixed for next
version as it isnt terribly important yet.


-Added in 2 new cats, a Tortoise shell cat and a black cat.
-Script to vary the chance of cats spawning depending on the time. You will see
more cats theoreticaly at nightime
(It is possible you will still see cats in the daytime, but alot less likely
as it is all by chance). *not sure how well this works
and wanted to release the new version without testing this over and over. but
seemed to work for me, if not ill tweak it for next version
-Cat spawns random types of cats, and they also respawn (so you can kill as
many as you like for target practice, you sickos :p).
-Cats occasionaly will spawn in the wilderness.
-If you are a vampire, walking the street the cats will react to you badly and
-Cats have their own sounds, thanks to the suggestions on the forum.
-a small chance you will break down into tears as you hear a cat let out a
little yelp as it dies.

I apologise for not adding in some things i wanted to, they will have to wait
for the next version. Im working on a way to include cats
chasing mice, as it wasnt that simple with the guard ai, the guards would
attack the cats if they attacked mice, regardless of what i tried.
That will hopefully go into the next release along with some other features im
stil working on such as being able to tame cats, and have them follow
you about for a duration of gametime. Also seeing how possible it is to make
cats shelter in the rain, look like they are asleep by putting a
'paralyze' spell on them and lastly inlcuding the Alfiq. Alfiq are similar to
housecats in apearance but are adept spellcasters and can understand
human speech. Non kanjiit cant tell the alfiq and normal cats apart, so be
careful next time you attack a cat, he might end up giving you a run
for your money.


This is a first release of the mod and at the moment there is a ginger and grey
tabby cat skin
and the cats will wander, flee if attacked (funny to watch) and lick their paws
ocasionaly :).
note they do have problems going up stairs at the moment which i am trying to
fix and also still use
the mountain lions sound files, which can sound a bit weird lol.

In the next release I am going to add black and white cats, their own custom
cat sounds and also have some more
varied behaviour such as chasing small rats, taking shelter when it rains
(could be dificult) and possibly a
chance that they fight and chase each other.I am not a pro with the cs yet
althought I do like making skins
and I did the best I could for now using the mountain lion modle :).

Thanx to the ppl on the oblivion mod forum for taking an intrest,
and also to the authors of Nifscope and Texture replacer.

**Any comments contact me on Jimbobskater[at]**


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