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File details

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Slof's Horses - Nightmare v1.3

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Game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Dec 07, 2006
Downloads: 3015

This mod changes Shadowmere, the Dark Brotherhood horse, to a Nightmare with flaming man and tail.

Mod details:

Slof's Horses - Nightmare by AlienSlof


*About this mod
*Known Bugs & Issues
*Incompatibilities & Save game warnings
*Credits & Usage
*Special Notes

Oblivion (of course!)
Slof's Horses Base files

I was delighted when Oblvion had horses in it, but then was disappointed when
some of them were a bit on the purple side! After a steep, and often
frustrating learning curve, and getting my head around a different way of
working, I made a start on dealing with the purple issue. At first it was just
going to be a simple replacer, just simply replacing textures without needing
an esp. This would have been a lot of effort and faff unpacking bsa's or
editing invalidation txts, so I decided to go down the esp road instead. Cue
more frustrations and a temporary shelving of the project (again) until I could
figure it out. Doing it this way means I can provide lots of different options.
Firstly, I've made the player-owned horses unique, with their own markings and
colours. Where the same type of horse is sold in different places, where you
purchase the horse from will have a bearing on its colour.

For example: Bruma and Leyawiin both sell paint horses. With this mod,
Leywiin's horses are brown and white, from Bruma they are black and white. This
only happens for the player.

I've also removed the saddles from the pastured horses, since a horse doesn't
wear a saddle 24/7. They are only saddled up for the player and other riders.
Unicorn and Shadowmere are unique. A version with player-owned horses marked
essential (god mode!) is also available.

This is the base version, playable and can be used as a modders' resource.

Shadowmere, the Dark Brotherhood horse, now comes as a nightmare, flaming mane
and tail with glow and flaming effects (bareback).

*Special note: the horse's name can be changed in-game by using the console (~)
and typing: setactorfullname horsename - if you want a name of more than one
word, then type: setactorfullname "horse name" with the quotemarks. I could
change the names in the editor, but this way allows players to choose their own

New in v.1.2: Meshes should now all have the correct texture paths - no more
invisible horses with pink heads! Ambient lighting settings on heads now match
the bodies. Horses are now gendered appropriately: Blossom, Shadowmere and
Prior Maborel's horse are now mares as they are referred to in-game.
Player-bought horses are now mare, stallion or gelding depending on colour.

New in v.1.3: Reins! All saddled horses now have reins.

There are more files than the esp's use in this release, as each horse colour
now has mare, stallion and gelding models. This is so modders can make use of
them and to allow players to change the models in the CS if they want something

This mod should consist of:
Slof's Horses Base.esp - base version, no settings changed.
Slofs Horses Essential.esp - marks all player-owned horses essential, so they
cannot be killed. No other settings changed.
meshes folder (with subfolders)
textures folder (with subfolders)

(use just ONE esp, not both!)

Just drag all these (minus the readme) onto the data folder in your Oblivion
directory and they will go where they are meant to. All the files are nested
inside sub-folders marked 'AS' - KEEP THESE INTACT - the game knows to look
there for them. Only use ONE esp file.

Paths for the folders are as follows:
Meshes: data/meshes/creatures/horse
Textures: data/textures/as

The esps are named the same so they will overwrite the original. All that will
change is Shadowmere. This won't affect your saved game at all, but back it up
anyway, just to be on the safe side. If the flame effects are not appearing,
using a mod that summons him to you will set them working.

There are a few issues with Shadowmere's new flame effects which I will list
here: (thanks to Seiggy for these)

FIRST: the effects only last until you fast travel... the effects will
dissapear from the horses if you fast travel and never reapear until they are

SECOND: if you save while on one of the horses with the effects, it will also
apply to the player until you save/load/save off of the horse. Best way it to
get off your horse, then save!

This works best with a mod such as CallSteed by mjcallon, or any other that
allows you to summon your horse to you. Summoning him resets the flame effects.
Going in and back out of a city gate also resets the flame effect.

Will possibly conflict with any mod that alters the horses. Always make sure
that you back up your existing savegame file before use.

This mod works perfectly well with both SaddleBags by MaboroshiDaikon and
CallSteed by mjcallon - I know it does, because I use both of those along with


Thanks to everyone for testing this out for me.
HappyHannah and Phoenixamon for helping me to figure some things out
Special thanks to Capucine and Seiggy - without your excellent advice and help,
this mod may never have happened!
The clever folks of NifTools for the amazingly versatile NifSkope which I'm
steadily learning my way around
Bethesda for some of their textures which I have tweaked and used as a base for
many of these - and Oblvion of course!
The folks on the ES forums for providing me with reference pics for the more
unusual horse types.
Big thanks to jcarl904 for the mare and stallion meshes.
Big thanks also to XMarksTheSpot for making me the reins and tweaking meshes.

Consider this a modders' resource for making new mods from. I don't really mind
if any of this is used for or in other mods, but it's nice to be asked (I rarely
say no!), and please give credit to me for the textures where it is due. Many of
these took me a good few hours of work. Make sure to change any filenames and
ID's to avoid accidental overwrites. Please ask me before uploading it anywhere
so I can make sure the correct version is used and not an out of date one.

I'm fine with this being made compatible with other popular horse mods. Indeed,
I realise I can't cater to every possible combination, which is why I don't mind
it being used in this way. All I ask is that I'm credited with the texturing, as
I've spent many hours creating them. The horse body parts are all easily
interchangeable and can be mixed and matched in many different combinations.


Mail me at my webby, if there are any problems.
Or find me prowling the Planet Elder Scrolls forums here:
Occasionally I lurk on the ES forums here:


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