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File details

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tamriel Travellers v0.96 Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 303.99 kB
Game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Dec 07, 2006
Downloads: 2221

This mod adds a new faction of travelling merchants to Cyrodiil.

Mod details:

TamrielTravellers version .96 - Traveling Merchants, Version for Martigen
Monster Mod, Living Economy Compatible, Creatures Version. This is the not
final, I am always making updates. So, Please read and study the location area.
Things in Bold are must read.

OverView of Mod

This mod adds Traveling Traders, Traveling Merchants, Roaming Types covering
all of Cryodiil. These traders walk around the wilderness close to each town,
inn, farm, roads, back roads, shrine,or priory. They will sell you items -
weapons, armor, food, staffs, alchemy ingredients & equip, clothing,
lockpicks(rogues), spells(Wizard) & Potions and if all in stock(%). Some can
repair, recharge, sell spells and Rogues will buy stolen goods. They are a
Neutral Faction, and do report crimes committed against them. Guards will fine
you now!!!

This Also Bring Alive the quest talked about in Mage Guild - Anvil
Recommendation, but, does not affect this quest in anyway. With Traders
traveling within Each Region. It gives the appearance of a Merchants delivering
goods to those NPCS good/evil that do not leave areas, Shrines, Farms, Inns, and
Such. Just in appearance?(they could be trading).

Faction and Storyline

Roaming Trader Faction Notes & Storyline to date- The Roaming Traders Faction
is a true neutral faction, that do not fight with creatures, bandits,
marauders, conjurers, and necromancers(see versions below). There is a 100%
relationship with each of these factions to preserve friendship. Because,
Otherwise, when they are attacked they would either kill whatever or get
knocked out first. Also allows them to talk with those NPCS. With these
settings in play. The player has to battle to get to traders and sell the loot
that they just picked up at some locations. This leads to Better gameplay.

Due to recent conflicts with the Thieves guild and the Law. The following
contracts have been resigned - The Roaming Traders Members are not allowed to
buy stolen only the Roaming Rogues will only buy stolen goods. The Thieves
guild was not very happy about this, and certain members told passed word to
law. The Imperial Government was forced to take actions against the Roaming
Traders Faction. The Roaming Traders faction have to obey the law now. Or the
guild will get kicked out of Cryodill.

New 24/7 Services - There is now a new 100% working script that control this
thanks to Scruggsy and Xcom. They will now buy/sell items when traveling from
location to location. You must stop them and activate them normally. See
Version History

Combat Notes & Stealing & Crime

Player vs Trader Combat is not suggested/not recommend results in lower prices
& crime penalty. Traders are here to help you not hurt you.

All Roaming Traders Classes can only be knocked out, so you many not kill them,
1) if I allowed you to kill them then you could get access to their nearly full
suit of armor and weapons (working on this). 2) All Roaming NPC are considered
neutral toward these factions all bandits, marauders, conjurers, creatures,
necromancers and will not attack each other this improves game play for you. 3)
They are no longer evil, but , do sell evil types items (black soul gems, black
robes, poisons, etc...).

You will get no benefit of Fighting with them. This will lower their
disposition toward you and count has a crime,making items more expensive to buy
from them, (maybe even shutting down services)?. Meaning that you will have to
persuade, bribe, or use a spell to fix this. If you are combat with them, you
can yield to them and make them stop but is not suggested. If an guard see you
in combat with any one Roaming Trader Classes. Then the guard will fine you
then you will have to deal with them.. Unless you have some mod that changes
the guards. To restate you will get no benefit from fighting with them. Attacks
on traders, counts has crime, results in Bounty, lower prices!!!

Pick pocketing/Stealing Items - they only carry clothing, If you get caught it
is a crime now!!! I have to retain some balance with 24/7 services.

Class Details, Items Sold/Buy, Leveled Items List

Traders Gold is now set 1200 for all. You can install Living Economy Mod if you
need more gold

All Roaming Classes now have an Mercantile Skill which varies class to
class/race to race. So Prices will vary depending on yours&theirs race / infamy
/ fame/ murders / assaults, etc ..Remember to Haggle.

Classes buy/sell these items - clothing,jewelry, potions, poisons, food,
alchemy ingredients & equipment, soul gems, lockpicks, repair Hammers, scrolls,
unless noted below and if in stock (%). Roaming Wizard only sell Spells, Archers
sell magic arrows only, Rogues buy stolen good only.

Roaming Traders - Imperial, Orc, Nord, Redgaurd - Sell/Use Heavy Armor Sell/Use
Any Type Weapon. No Spells, No Alchemy Equipment, No clothing - Can Repair

Roaming Archers - Wood Elf only - Poisons, Magic Arrows Only, Light Armor and
Bows Only. No Books, No Clothing, No Alchemy Equipment, Can Repair

Roaming Wizard - Breton and High Elf - Books, Potions, Alchemy Equipment,
Clothing & Jewelry Magic/ Normal, Staffs and Spells (only), Soul Gems, and Can
Recharge Equipment.. No Armor, No Lights,

Roaming Rogue - Dark Elf Only - Poisons, Alchemy Equipment, LockPicks Only,
Light Armor and Blade Weapons Only, Soul Gems and Can Buy stolen goods only. No
Books, No Clothing, No Lights

Roaming Bard - Imperials - Clothing and Jewerly Magic/Normal, Potions, Scrolls,
Books, can Recharge Equipment - No Armor, No Lights, No Alchemy

Inventory Sold & Leveled List Items

Nearly All Items can be bought or sold. No quest items/armor/weapons/faction
items or the like are added. No leveled list are modified and are custom made
leveled list for all items sold. I have checked, double checked, triple checked
this. Some items that where not originally included have been also added, these
items came from the test environment and are leveled a higher than normal in
some cases. Listed below are leveled items list.

Normal Items

All Normal Clothing, Weapons, Food, Drinks, Ingredients, and Armor are 100%.
Daedric Armor 25% Chance

Magic Armor

Level 1 Iron/Fur 75%, Level 3 Steel/Leather 70% , Level 6 Dwarves/Chain 65%
,Level 10 Orch/Mithril 60% ,Level 15 Ebony/Elven 55% ,Level 20 Daedric
25%/Glass 50%

Magic Weapons

All Magic Weapons are 50%, Magic Arrows 50% (Archers), Magic Staffs are % based
on type(wizards)

Potions, Poisons, Scrolls, Magic Clothing, Misc Items, Books

Potions level 1 Weak 75%, level 5 Standard 65%, level 10 Strong 55% (All)

Poisons level 1 Weak 75%, level 5 Standard 65%, level 10 Strong 55% (Rogues,

Scrolls level 1 Novice 75%, level 6 Apprentice 65%, level 11 Journeyman 55%,
level 16 Expert 45%, level 21 Master 30% (Traders, Wizards)

Magic Jewelry - level 4 Base 75%, level 9 Average 65%, level 14 Grand 55%,
level 20 Special 45% (Wizards)

Magic Clothing - 50% (Wizard) , Soul Gems 25% & Black Soul Gems level 10 25%
(Rogues, Wizards), Alchemy Equipment 50% (Wizards & Rogues)

Normal Books - 100% , Rare Books - 60% - Wizard Only

Location Area driven by Radiant AI please Study

How do they Travel- Since we cannot have combat on horses yet, and adding
horses creates more objects which impact performance. I have decided not to
included horses. So sometime Midday they will run to their next location.
During this time you will be able to buy/sell items from them. You must stop
them and activate them for this to work. Once they Reach their location they
will go into their wander and will talk to NPCS. These can be any NPCS,
bandits, marauders, highwaymen, guards, couriers, etc...They will stay at these
locations until the next day and then start their travel to next location.
(Working on adding eat routine back in)

A total of 63 locations are now traveled. There are 9 Regions with 7 locations
within each region following a Sunday - Saturday Schedule. These can be towns
stables, farms, inns, shrines, road signs, back roads, and more. Within each
Region you will find 3 traders, 1 wizard, 1 archer, 1 rogue, 1 bard unless
noted below. Every location below has at least on Long Run which last several
hours. So I will let you discover how they placed and who is at that location.
Remember There are 7 in Each Region that each follow a 7 day schedule. Sunday -

Anvil Region - Anvil, Gweden, Kvatch Road Sign, Gottshaw Inn, Brina Cross Inn,
Lords Drads, Malacaths

Bravil Region - Bravil, Faregyl, Hircine, Pells Gate, Clavicus, Gold Road Stip,
Fort Black Boot (by water fall north)

Bruma Region - Bruma, CloudRuler, AppleWatch, Orange RoadStop, Bleakers Way,
Sercen, Namiras

Cheydinhal Region - Cheydinhal, HarlunsWatch, Vaermina, HarmsFolly, Azuras,
LordRugdumphs, KnightofThornLodge

Chorrol Region - Chorrol, HackDirt, Weatherleah, BrindleHome,
GottlesFontsPriory, Molag Bals, Black Road West Nikel

Imperial Region (2 Wizards/No Rogues) - WawnettInn, Fort Empire, Aleswell,
Roxey Inn, Urasek, Yellow Road Start, Vindasel

Leyawiin Region - Leyawiin East Side, BlakenMarch, Nocturnal, Green Road Stop,
Sheogorath, WatersEdge, WhiteStallion Lodge.

Niben Valley Middle Region - Crestbridge, WayShrine(BackRoad), Peryites,
MouthofthePanther, Imperial Bridge Inn, Cadlew Chapel, Yellow Road Stop.

SkinGrad Region - Skingrad, Rasava, Before Kvatch, Shetcombe Farm, Meridias,
Sanguine, Derelict Mine

Design Notes - This mod is driven by Radiant Ai - There are Radiant Ai packages
that control travel from location to location, There are use item packages fixer
for weapons, clothes and armor so that when you buy them, they do not disappear
from the Traders, and they walk around without such items (They now have
clothing). A new script that control 24/7 serivces calls an Radiant AI Pacakge.
Radiant AI Packages Locations alone take up almost half of the mod.

Versions to Choose - Use only one at a Time

TamrielTravellers -What you see above is what you get in this version.

TamrielTravellers4MMM - Requires Martigen Monster Mod 1.61!!! Get your
gameface, check your gear, buy your gear, and wreak havok.

Load Order - Oblivion Mod Manager - Load like so 1.Mart Monster Mod.esm, 2.
Marts Monster.esp,3. MMM plugins( serveral to choose) , then
tamrieltravellers4MMM. 100 Compatible with MMM. I would like to thank him for
his help on making this possible. Way to go Martigen!!!

TamrielTravellers4Creatures - In this version they are not aligned with any
creatures. And if they are attacked they will attack them back.

Mod Compatibly

Use Oblivion Mod Manger to Check for Faction Conflicts. Red Faction conflicts
will break/overlap each other.

Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul - There will be a TamrielTravellers4000 included in
000 1.4. Please see Forums at

Franscesco - 3.3 - My leveling system is much different, For Franscesco with
Creatures/no faction (install option). For Franscesco with Creatures/with
faction use TamrielTravellers4Creatures. I am working on the

Creature Faction Mods - Use TamrielTravellers4Creatures Version. Will attack
back creatures back otherwise

Lore Creatures Users - Use TamrielTravellers

Living Ecomony - Alters all Game Merchants and My Traders gold to be more

Crowded Roads & Crowded Cities - Crowded Roads & Crowded Cities, no conflicts
along roads, my traders do not enter into towns (rarely).

Clean Save Procedure - You will need to make a clean save for older users, new
users just install. To make a clean save, you will need to load your current
save with tamrieltravellers and go to an interior cell like your house and
save, and exit. Uncheck TamrielTravellers and leave all other plugins that you
are using and reload save, tell it yes to error message. Then once loaded save
again and exit. Now install current version, recheck and reload everything
should be fine.

Version History -

Fixes for Version .96 - Requires a clean save to have changes take affect.

Major Fix - New 24/7 Services Script by Scruggsy and Xcom, This new script
fixes everything that was wrong with AI not reaching locations properly,
buy/sell items when traveling, traders not moving at locations, talking to
npcs, etc... that where reported in version .95 and - Thank to Scruggsy and

Route Fixes - The Fort Nikel x marker and Trader have moved to west of the Fort
Itself before the bridge on the Black Road. No longer close to Wawnet Location.

Fixes for Version .95 -

Complete Rebuild of .70 - .90 - All new faces, new order in editor for traders,
chest, locations, etc ...Requires a clean save to have changes take affect.

Added Faction Storyline to explain recent changes......

Crime is back in play !!! See Faction Storyline Notes

New 24/7 Services script - The old version would fail sometimes, they do not
handshake anymore. I will miss this effect. I will try an work back in.

Updated all Versions to have these changes... Martigen Monster Mod 1.6,

Mercantile Skill has been added back in, Disposition/Personality tweaks, affect

Rogues will buy stolen items only,

Route Fixes - Flipped the Bravil Route and found two traders at blakenmarch on
thursday fixed, no other route changes.

Fixes for Version .90

Created TamrielTravellers4MMM for Mart Monster Mod, 100 Compatible has of MMM
1.5. See Above

Created TamrielTravellers4Creatures - for Creature Faction Mods - If they are
attacked they will attack them back. Above

No Route Fixes Yet.

Checked for Compatibility with Unique Landscape Mods,

Tweaked Faces all female faces again, tweaked skin tones,

The green light has been removed for performance reason, harder to see/find at

Added MMPRoamingTraderCombat Style.

Fixes for Version .85

Route Fix - Chorrol Route Fix, when leaving Brindle Home they would get stuck
on mountain in route to Molag Bals. Changed to Brindle GottlesFont Molag

Moved Bravil Trader Slight over to the left for Cyrodill Transportation

Tweaked female faces some for no light version.

Fixes .80 since version .70

Created 24/7 Services scripts/aipackage - Allow 24/7 Buy/Sell Again

NPC Changes - I have redone all faces/skin tone etc on all traders. Fixed
Horrible Female Faces, something happened and they got messed up. From Here on
out when a update comes out I will change the hair to be more realistic for

Fixed Wizard Robes, now more random, do not run around without clothes anymore
after bought. AI Package fix like armor fix.

Niben Valley Region Change - Move Boethia Trader to Wayshirne - they would
knockout themselves out when running down the mountain. Very hard to reach.
Moved Yellow Road Stop further down MouthofPanter

Added Swimming to Some packages in Leyawwin Region, this fixes White Stallion
to Leyawwin East Gate, they no longer run the long way. Will cut through the
water now.

Missed some items added to correct leveled Added Books - Normal, Rare, to
Wizards Items.

Rouges and Archers will now sneak when wandering at locations, more realism.

I have changed the name in version .70 from MerchantPlus to TamrielTravellers.

Version .60 and below was named MerchantPlus,

Please report any trader that does not reach location, traders that do not
move, Two traders at same location , problems with other moods, things not
working. Trader not having inventory, crashes to desktop things like that. On
crashes to desktop reload and try the same thing again that you where doing at
the point of crash. And if does again. report what mods you are using,what time
it happened, what region, race, location, class type etc..

Please report any bugs. This is almost the final and except changes in final
version. If amount of Traders are too much then I will remove Trader from each
Area. Balance any areas, make changes has needed. So please report on the forum
threads, comment section, at each site or just send me an personal message on
the ElderScrolls Forum userid Corepc, Tessource Id CorepcMMP.




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