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File details

Star Wars: Empire at War Scout Wookie Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 456.33 kB
Game: Star Wars: Empire at War
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Mar 24, 2006
Downloads: 735

This mod adds two ground units to the game, the Wookie Medic and Scout Trooper.

Patch details:

Scout Trooper and Wookie Medic Modification for EaW v1.0

Created by Baloen


"GROUNDINFANTRY" within your XML folder. (.../EaW/GameData/Data/XML)
If this is your first mod you've used for EaW you may need to create a XML

2) Place the "MasterTextFile_ENGLISH" file within your text folder.
(.../EaW/GameData/Data/Text) Overwriting your current file will not make any
changes to your game without the XML files, it only adds in texts values for
the added units.

3) You can now run Empire at War and the new units will be in the game. These
units currently do not appear in skirmish mode.

Note: If you only want to use the Scout trooper do not load the
"GROUNDCOMPANIESREBEL" file. If you only want to use the Wookie Medic do not

Wookie Medic - Company of soldiers from Kashyyyk consisting of a trained medic
and four escorts. Requiers 65 credits, tech level 2, and a barracks to
construct. The medic will heal in a radius around the company every 15

Scout Troopers - Lightly armored Imperial soldiers, make excellent forward
observers. 3 squads (of 3 soldiers) per company. Requires 45 credits, tech
level 1, and a barracks to construct. Run slightly faster than normal
infantry, also have the ability to sensor ping. Ability to use sensor ping is
limited by distance. Work well for identifying targets for artillery or
bombing runs.

Feel free to email me at rgoble[at] with bugs or errors.


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