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File details

Star Wars: Empire at War Precise Ship Scaling v0.2 Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 401.87 kB
Game: Star Wars: Empire at War
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Mar 24, 2006
Downloads: 1822

The mod changes the size scaling of almost all of the ships to "real" scales from the Star Wars fiction.

Patch details:

SW:EAW Precise Ship Scaling Modification: Specifications

Credits to ATICAN (


This mod has adjusted the original, stock scales of all ships (except Tartan
Cruisers, Pirates, and certain heros) to their precise scales in the Star Wars
fiction. THESE ARE NOT ESTIMATES. They are precisely measured scale factor
adjustments based on two rather simple equations. SOME SHIPS MAY APPEAR SMALLER
THAN THEIR ACTUAL LENGTHS. This is because they occupy a lower depth on the
screen, not because they were improperly scaled. The Tartan Patrol Cruiser
length in the game has not been adjusted because, in the expanded universe, the
real Tartan Cruiser is 600 meters long compared to 150 meters, the approximate
length shown in game. I decided to keep the stock scale since a rescale of that
magnitude would be absurd, although I'm open to suggestions.

Simply paste the XML files into your GameData/Data/XML folder.


Ship - ACTUAL SHIP LENGTH (in meters) - SHIP LENGTH IN GAME (approx.)
Adjusted Length: --
Adjusted Scale Factor: --

Acclamator Assault Ship - 752m - 4cm
Scale Factor: 0.85
Adjusted Length: 3.76cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.85*
Alliance Assault Frigate - 700m - 2.5cm
Scale Factor: 0.7
Adjusted Length: 3.5cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.9
Broadside Class Cruiser - 500m - 2cm
Scale Factor: 1.0
Adjusted Length: 2.5cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 1.25
Calamari Cruiser - 1200m - 7.5cm
Scale Factor: 1.0
Adjusted Length: 6.0cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.8
Corellian Corvette - 150m - 1.3cm
Scale Factor: 0.5
Adjusted Length: 0.75cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.29
Corellian Gunboat - 120m - 1.2cm
Scale Factor: 0.5
Adjusted Length: 0.6cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.25
Interdictor Cruiser - 690m - 4cm
Scale Factor: 1.0
Adjusted Length: 3.45cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.86
Marauder Corvette - 195m - 2cm
Scale Factor: 1.0
Adjusted Length: 0.98cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.49
Nebulon-B Frigate - 300m - 3cm
Scale Factor: 0.7
Adjusted Length: 1.5cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.35
Tartan Patrol Cruiser- 250m - 1.5cm
Scale Factor: 0.56
Star Destroyer - 1600m - 8cm
Scale Factor: 1.0
Adjusted Length: 8cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 1.0
Victory Star Destroyer - 900m - 4cm
Scale Factor: 0.85
Adjusted Length: 4.5cm
Adjusted Scale Factor: 0.95


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