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File details

Star Wars: Empire at War Addon v0.3 Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 1.13 MB
Game: Star Wars: Empire at War
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Mar 24, 2006
Downloads: 1905

This mod adds several new ground units, changes the size scales and balance of the game.

Patch details:

Empire at War Addon Mod version 0.3 fixed
Created by Alviar
Please be sure to read the whole Readme text

Fixed version. will now work with latest patched version of EAW and should work
with the unpatched game aswell.
This mod will add several new units including New Air units for Land combat for
both Factions!
and other features into the campaign and Galactic Conquest mode only.
somehow some of the new units caused the game to crash in skirmish mode,
so the new units still doesnt work for skirmish.
the mod also focus much on realism but not that 100% real life realism.
i didnt want some of the infantry to die far to easily as i wanted to keep the
Star wars feeling.
which i dont feel is when a whole infantry company dies in a single laser
blast. So the infantry takes about 1-5 hits depending on
infantry type and what damage rate the attacking units have.
Heroes are still as powerfull as they were in the original game,
and i will keep them that way for now.
indingenous units are very much like cannonfodder as they are weakly armored
and equiped.
All Infantry including all heroes has been scaled down aswell.
Unit cap has been raised with 50 for space and 30 for landcombat.
unit cap for campaign and Galactic conquest varies from planet to planet
Expect more versions in the future that will eliminate bugs and add new units.

New company List:
-Galactic Empire-
-Heavy Stormtrooper company
-Scout Troopers company
-Mara Jade(hero)
-Imperial Royal Guard
-Elite Stormtrooper company
-Tie Ground Control Fighters, Specialy designed for Land combat
-Squadleaders (1 per squad for the Heavy and regular Stormtrooper companies)

-Venator Cruiser with X-wings
-Tie Advance Fighters

-Rebel Alliance-
-Rebel Swamp Speeder company
-X-Wing assualt Wing, specialy designed for Land combat.
-Kyle Katarn(Hero)
-Rebel Pilot Mechanic
-V-wing MKIII Wing, specialy designed for Land combat.
-Rebel Specforce Troopers

-Z-95-headhunter squadron
-Venator Cruiser With V-wings:

New Changes in Version
NOTE: i had to remake the whole mode to make it playable for the latest game
copying the content of the old XML's somehow didnt work, so there may be some
major diffrences
between the new mod version 0.3 and the older version 0.2 and also new bugs
that didnt appear in the older version..
some units had to be removed from the mod as they caused crashes in the patched
game, and after several days working on them
i just couldnt fix them.

-Fixed The debug problem, this version now works and is fully playable with the
latest patch
-New unit names and descriptions are now working
-Merceneries, Twilek assasin and Bothan spy have been removed. They made the
game buggy, and i couldnt fix them
-All units are now much better ballanced
-Imperial Royal guards are no longer buildable, they were to buggy, plus i
wanted to avoid massbuilding of theese.
they will now insted come in 1 company at start in every campaign, so use them
-Rebel infantry and Plex troopers now come in 4 squads per company
-Heavy and Regular stormtroopers now come in 4 squads per company, each squad
has a Squadleader that can be recognized by its orange pauldron
-Elite Stormtroopers added to game.
-Scout trooper squad are no longer each selectable and works pretty much as a
normal squad. comes in 2 squads per company
-Stormtrooper Antivehicle are now called Heavy Stormtroopers. and they now
actualy works against vehicles
-Sandtrooper skin has been replaced by the regular skin for the Stormtroopers.
Heavy Stormtroopers now uses the sandtrooper skin
-Heavy stormtroopers have now recieved its own made projectil weapon.
-Rebel Pilot now automaticly repairs friendly vehicles close to him, They now
come in 1 units per company
-V-wing ground fighter now fires special anti-infantry rocket's.
-Made some units cost slightly higher to balance things out.
-Rebel swamp speeders are now buildable for the Rebel Alliance
-Replaced my own TIE-Advance fighter with Vipermans version.
-Kyle katarn and Mara jade are no longer buildable. insted they have been
implanted as starting force for each campaign.
-Fully functionable TIE Fighters and special TIE Scouts implanted for land
combat for the Empire.
-Most Frigates and Capital ships for both sides have recieved bigger scalings
-Gallofree and Imperial Landing craft has recieved bigger scalings.
-Rebel specforce troopers has been added to the Rebel Alliance
-New shuttle for the Specforces
-Red Squadron is now red coloured to distinguish them from other X-wings
-The new unit colourings only work in campaign and Galactic conquest mode


Put/copy the XML folder into gamedata/data in your EAW program folder. should
be program/eaw/gamedata/data
Be SURE to not mix my mod with another one if you already have an XML folder.
it could make the game buggy.
Then copy the masterTextFile_english.dat to your gamedata/data/text folder.
*WARNING* please make sure to make a backup of the original
MasterTextfile_english.dat before you overide it.


Simply remove the XML folder and overide the new mastertextfile_english.dat
with the original backup .dat file

for any questions, suggestions or if you found any bugs please contact me, at ( )
PLEASE label the mail with EAW-Addon: (subject), i will probably just ignore
any other mails.
If you downloaded this from please be sure to check for any
comments. i will now just ignore
all mails containing information about the version 0.2 bug. as i have already
explained it in the comments more then twice.

Credits given to Tiger's Realism Mod 0.30 which many units scaling and some
realism attributes from this mod is based on
Credits also to Viperman who made the TIE-Advance mod.

Thanks for trying my EAW modification, I hope it enchances your gameplay

Copyright by Alviar.
I make mods as a hobby but it took several hardworking days to make this
so you may not alter change/copy or steal the content
of this mod to distribute it to the public WITHOUT my permission.

You may alter the mod for your OWN personal usage though. as long as you dont
pass it along
to ANYONE without my permission

i will not be held responsible if this mod somehow messes with your game or
your computer.

You may of course upload this mod to other websites for download as long as it
has remained unaltered.



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