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File details

Star Wars: Empire at War Friendlier Auto Resolve Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 39.69 kB
Game: Star Wars: Empire at War
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Mar 24, 2006
Downloads: 747

This mod changes the auto resolve of space units by degrading pirates and thus making the resolving friendlier.

Patch details:

Friendlier auto-resolve 0.1


Extract into main empire at War directory (default C:\Program
Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Empire at War) and overright when asked.

This will undo any mods that use the xml files for non-hero space units


Basicly, I took the tactical health of all the non-fighter ships (frigates, cap
ships) and the sheild strength (minus half), and used
them for the auto-resolve health (also effects starbases). This means major
nerfs to pirates in auto (the numbers added up as less
then default). Fighters have had their total hitpoints plus full sheild
strength (where applicable) used. This means that the A-Wing
has a combined sheild & hull strength of 90, and with 5 finghters in a
squadron, total autoresolve strength = 450. Weapons do not effect
these values, though I will experiment with it in the future, probably after
I've done the ground units.

Oh, almost forgot, I have not changed ground units auto-resolve yet.


This mod was created by Sandy Warnstaff. Files used from this mod may be used
without my permission PROVIDED that appropiate credit
is givin to the me. This mod may be redistributed without my permission to
websites that does not require payment of any type. This mod is in no way
supported by Lucasarts and/or Pretroglyph Studios. Star Wars is a registered
trademark of
Lucasarts, Lucasfilms, and all other legal mumble jumbo credits.


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