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File details

Civilization IV The War of Ascension Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 21.53 MB
Game: Civilization IV
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Mar 20, 2006
Downloads: 1012

This modification adds a new goal to Civilization IV, you must "ascend" a Hero into an Avatar using "The Throne of Ascension".

Mod details:

The War of Ascension(twoa) ALPHA v 0.1

Fantasy Mod for Civilization IV


This fantasy mod for Civ4 is based on a strategy game ive beed wanting to make
for a long time, and finally civ4 seems to have given me the power to do so
without having to build my own game engine. The ultimate goal will be to
"ascend" a Hero unit into an Avatar unit which will require you to build a
"Throne of Ascension" project (much like the spaceship victory, requiring
several different pieces to complete), then use this Avatar unit to destroy
your enemy religion.


Copy the TWoA folder to your Civ4/Mods directory.


This mod includes 8 religions, each with a corresponding civ and a single
leader (i may add more civs/leaders later but for now there are only 8). Id
like to have leaders represent deities, maybe have different leaders that
govern the different spheres that the religion covers. For this reason, each
civilization will be bound to a single state religion, but will probably be
able to aquire other, non-enemy religions.

Fire - The Crimson Empire - Warlord Xyll.
Spheres: flame/heat, war, savagry.
Enemy: Water

Air - Avalary - Avarum.
Spheres: wind, weather/storms, lightning/electricity.
Enemy: Earth

Water - The Isle Folk - Lady Quell.
Spheres: ice, oceans/lakes, nature, healing.
Enemy: Fire

Earth - High Guard - Draldak Irontoe.
Spheres: stone/minerals, technology.
Enemy: Air

Mind - Ultaria - Brother Malogny.
Spheres: mind control, knowledge.
Enemy: Shadow

Shadow - The Shadow Guild - Mother Night.
Spheres: illusion, darkness.
Enemy: Mind

Spirit - The Sect - Elix Ifisiam.
Spheres: death, undead.
Enemy: Light

Light - Brotherhood of the Cross - Lord Atrius.
Spheres: life, protection.
Enemy: Spirit


Units can be upgraded up to 4 levels, ie. warrior -> soldier -> swordsman ->
foot knight and there are no dead-end unit paths (except possibly elementals).
Units follow a sort of RPS system (rock-paper-scissors). Soldiers get a bonus
vs. spearmen, spearmen vs. horsemen, horsemen vs. archers, archers vs. soldier,
etc. Higher tier units will have different/multiple bonuses. I have added and
improved many promotions and am in the process of adding "class" promotions
available only to Hero units in an attempt to add some RPG elements.

There a 17 "classes" of units:
Recon, Melee - Infantry, Melee - Spear, Ranged - Archer, Ranged - Gunpowder,
Mounted, Mounted - Ranged, Siege, Hero, Avatar, Naval, Spellcaster, Undead,
Elemental, Summoned, Beast and Giant.

Each religion will have at least 3 summoned units, though this feature hasnt
been added yet.

Tier 1 Units Image* Class Tech Req Building Req Bonus Req Bonuses
Ancient Warrior (1) Melee - Infantry none none none none
Ancient Militia (2) Melee - Spear none none none city defense
Scout Recon Tracking none none vs. Beasts
Peasant Worker none none none none
Settler Settler none none none none

Tier 2 Units Class Tech Req Building Req Bonus Req Bonuses
Soldier (1.3) Melee - Infantry Infantry Training Infantry
Trainer copper vs. Melee - Spear
Spearman (1.4) Melee - Spear Weapon - Spear Drill Yard copper vs.
Archer (1.5) Ranged - Archer Archery Bowyer copper vs. Melee -
Horseman (2.3) Mounted Horseback Riding Stable copper, horse vs. Melee
- Infantry
Hunter Recon Hunting Hunting Lodge none vs. Beast
Catapult Siege Siegecraft Siegecrafter copper

Fire Mage (2.13) Spellcaster (fire) Control Over Fire Firepit Mana
Crystals, Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Lesser Pyrite Elemental (fire) Control Over Fire
Air Mage (2.14) Spellcaster (air) Wind Chimes Spire Mana Crystals,
Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Dust Devil Elemental (air) Wind Chimes
Water Mage (2.15) Spellcaster (water) Commune with Nature Garden Mana
Crystals, Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Nymph Elemental (water) Commune with Nature
Earth Mage (2.16) Spellcaster (earth) Stonecarving Statuary Mana Crystals,
Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Stone Golem Elemental (earth) Stonecarving
Mind Mage (2.17) Spellcaster (mind) Meditation Maze Mana Crystals,
Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Lesser Phantasm Elemental (mind) Meditation
Shadow Mage (2.18) Spellcaster (shadow) Deception Shadow Gate Mana
Crystals, Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Lesser Shadow Elemental (shadow) Deception
Spirit Mage (2.19) Spellcaster (spirit) Bloodletting Sacrificial Altar Mana
Crystals, Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Zombie Elemental (spirit) Bloodletting
Light Mage (2.20) Spellcaster (light) Prayer Solarium Mana Crystals,
Earthblood or Reagants build temple, spread religion, cast spells
Deva Elemental (light) Prayer

Tier 3 Units Image* Class Tech Req Building Req Bonus Req Bonuses
Axeman (1.13) Melee - Infantry Advanced Weaponry Infantry Barracks copper
or iron
Maceman (1.14) Melee - Infantry Advanced Weaponry Infantry Barracks copper
of iron
Swordsman (1.15) Melee - Infantry Advanced Weaponry Infantry
Barracks copper or iron
Pikeman (1.16) Melee - Spear Advanced Weaponry Drill Hall copper or iron
Skirmisher (1.17) Ranged - Archer Advanced Weaponry Drill Hall copper or
Crossbowman (1.18) Ranged - Archer Advanced Bow Archery Range copper or
Longbowman (1.19) Ranged - Archer Advanced Bow Archery Range copper or
Horse Archer (2.4) Mounted - Ranged Mount - Warhorse Horse Breeder copper or
iron and horse
Chariot (2.5) Mounted Mount - Chariot Horse Breeder copper or iron and
Knight (2.6) Mounted Mount - Warhorse Horse Breeder copper or iron and
Tracker Recon
Wagon Train
Trebuchet Siege

Pyromancer Spellcaster (fire) Pyromancy
War Mage Spellcaster (fire) Pyromancy
Pyrite Elemental (fire) Pyromancy
Tempest Spellcaster (air) Aeromancy
Frost Mage Spellcaster (air) Aeromancy
Cyclone Elemental (air) Aeromancy
Hermit Spellcaster (water) Hydromancy
Tamer Spellcaster (water) Hydromancy
Oceanid Elemental (water) Hydromancy
Shaper Spellcaster (earth) Geomancy
Conjurer Spellcaster (earth) Geomancy
Bronze Golem Elemental (earth) Geomancy
Seer Spellcaster (mind) Psionomancy
Monk Melee - Infantry Psionomancy
Phantasm Elemental (mind) Psionomancy
Illusionist Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Traveller Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Shadow Elemental (shadow) Phantomancy
Undead Acolyte Melee - Infantry Necromancy
Dark Adept Spellcaster (spirit) Necromancy
Skeleton Undead Necromancy
Cleric Spellcaster (light) Archomancy
Priest Spellcaster (light) Archomancy
Angel Elemental (light) Archomancy

Tier 4 Units Image* Class Tech Req Building Req Bonus Req Bonuses
Axe Thrower (1.13) Melee - Infantry
Berserker (1.20) Melee - Infantry
Blunderbus (1.14) Ranged - Gunpowder
Heavy Maceman(1.21) Melee - Infantry
Foot Knight (1.15) Melee - Infantry
Duelist (1.22) Melee - Infantry
Halberdier (1.16) Melee - Spear
Impaler (1.23) Melee - Spear
Wardancer (1.17) Melee - Infantry
Javelineer (1.24) Ranged - Archer
Arbalest (1.18) Ranged - Gunpowder
Grenadier (1.25) Ranged - Gunpowder
Marksman (1.19) Ranged - Archer
Arquebus (1.26) Ranged - Gunpowder
Mounted Crossbowman(2.7) Mounted - Ranged
Camel Archer (2.8) Mounted - Ranged
Heavy Chariot (2.9) Mounted
War Elephant (2.10) Mounted
Cavalier (2.11) Mounted
Dragoon (2.12) Mounted - Ranged
Cannon Siege
Travelling Circus

Inferno Spellcaster (fire) Pyromancy
Flame Caller Spellcaster (fire) Pyromancy
Siege Master Spellcaster (fire) Pyromancy
Commander Melee - Infantry Pyromancy
Greater Pyrite Elemental (fire) Pyromancy
Miasmist Spellcaster (air) Aeromancy
Storm Lord Spellcaster (air) Aeromancy
Ice Knight Melee - Infantry Aeromancy
Aurora Spellcaster (air) Aeromancy
Tornado Elemental (air) Aeromancy
Warden Melee - Spear Hydromancy
Druid Spellcaster (water) Hydromancy
Beastmaster Spellcaster (water) Hydromancy
Shifter Recon Hydromancy
Treant Elemental (water) Hydromancy
Rune Carver Spellcaster (earth) Geomancy
Stone Guard Melee - Infantry (earth) Geomancy
Geologist Spellcaster (earth) Geomancy
Magmar Spellcaster (earth) Geomancy
Iron Golem Elemental (earth) Geomancy
Enchanter Spellcaster (mind) Psionomancy
Inquisitor Spellcaster (mind) Psionomancy
Mystic Spellcaster (mind) Psionomancy
Friar Melee - Infantry Psionomancy
Greater Phantasm Elemental (mind) Psionomancy
Trickster Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Shade Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Gatekeeper Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Summoner Spellcaster (shadow) Phantomancy
Greater Shadow Elemental (shadow) Psionomancy
Lich Spellcaster (spirit) Necromancy
Death Knight Mounted Necromancy
Necromancer Spellcaster (spirit) Necromancy
Blood Caller Spellcaster (spirit) Necromancy
Wraith Undead Necromancy
Bishop Spellcaster (light) Archomancy
Paladin Melee - Infantry Archomancy
Healer Spellcaster (light) Archomancy
High Priest Spellcaster (light) Archomancy
Arch Angel Elemental (light) Archomancy

* first number corresponds to the two unit screenshots, units1 and units2,
second number corresponds to the image in the shot, displayed in red.

The yellow lines in the unit images represent the upgrade paths.


I have completely redone the tech tree. I pretty much removed the OR system of
prerequisites and replaced it with a system of AND prerequisites.

Tech Prerequisites Allows
Tribalism none Elder Council
Bartering none Trading Post
Mining none Mine, Extractor
Tracking none Scout
Animal Hubandry none
Writing none Scribe
Fishing none Work Boat
Farming none Farm
Food Storage none Ganary, Cottage
The Wheel none Road
Warfare none Ancient Militia, Training Yard
Mysticism none
Elementalism none

Sailing Fishing Pier
Herbalism Farming Herbalist, Gatherer
Town Defense Warfare Pallisade
Organization Tribalism
Bronze Working Mining Forge
Tribal Dancing Tribalism
Alphabet Writing
Fermentation Farming Brewery, Winery
Trade Bartering
Hunting Tracking Hunting Lodge, Hunter
Control Over Fire Elementalism Firepit, Fire Mage
Wind Chimes Elementalism Spire, Air Mage
Commune with Nature Elementalism Garden, Water Mage
Stonecarving Elementalism Statuary, Earth Mage
Meditation Mysticism Maze, Mind Mage
Deception Mysticism Shadow Gate, Shadow Mage
Bloodletting Mysticism Sacrificial Altar, Spirit Mage
Prayer Mysticism Solarium, Light Mage

Code of Laws Alphabet and Tribalism Dungeon
Music Tribal Dancing
Infantry Training Warfare and Bronze Working Infantry Barracks, Soldier
Archery Warfare and Hunting Bowyer, Archer
Weapon - Spear Hunting and Bronze Working Drill Yard, Spearman
Horseback Riding Warfare and Animal Husbandry Stable, Horseman
Siegecraft Warfare and Bronze Working Siegecrafter, Catapult
Alchemy Herbalism and Alphabet Alchemist
Masonry Bronze Working Stone Wall, Stone Tower, Mana Tower
Craftsmanship Trade, and Bronze Working Jeweler, Workshop
Elemental Lore Alphabet and Elementalism
Arcane Lore Alphabet and Mysticism
Leadership Organization Town Hall
Coinage Trade and Mining
Literature Alphabet
Survival Hunting

Monarchy Code of Laws
Drama Music Theatre
Cartography Alphabet
Mathematics Aplhabet
Iron Working Bronze Working and Masonry
Construction Masonry and Craftsmanship Plantation
Poison Alchemy
Domestication Survival and Animal Husbandry Ranch
Espionage Leadership
Pyromancy Elemental Lore and Control Over Fire War Academy
Aeromancy Elemental Lore and Wind Chimes Aviary
Hydromancy Elemental Lore and Commune with Nature Arborium
Geomancy Elemental Lore and Stonecarving Foundry
Psionomancy Arcane Lore and Meditation Sanitarium
Phantomancy Arcane Lore and Deception House of Horrors
Necromancy Arcane Lore and Bloodletting Mortuary
Archomancy Arcane Lore and Prayer Sanctuary

Feudalism Monarchy
Organized Games Drama
Astronomy Mathematics
Smithing Iron Working
Military Training Infantry Training and Iron Working Training Hall
Sanitation Construction
Education Literature and Mathematics
Magnetism Iron Working and Cartography
Currency Mathematics and Coinage
Philosophy Drama and Literature
Engineering Construction and Mathematics
Forestry Iron Working
Housing Construction

Calender Astronomy
Advanced Weaponry Military Training
Mount - Warhorse Military Training and Domestication
Advanced Siegecraft Military Training and Siegecraft
Magocracy Feudalism and Elemental Lore or Arcane Lore
Chemistry Alchemy and Education
Spellcrafting Alchemy and Smithing
Metal Casting Smithing
Optics Magnetism
Taxation Currency and Housing

Machinery Metal Casting
Gunpowder Chemistry
Steam Power


Buildings are still in a very early state, unbalanced or incomplete. Here is a
preliminary list:

Pallisades, Watch Towers, Training Yard, Training Hall, Hunting Lodge, Infantry
Trainer, Infantry Barracks, Granery, Bowyer, Archery Range, Stable, Horse
Breeder, Meeting Stone, Palace, Siegecrafter, Shrine, Temple (one for each
religion), Scribe, Library, Trading Post, Market, Bazaar, Aqueducts, Herbalist,
Town Hall, Tavern, Brewer, Stone Walls, Stone Towers, Dungeon, Jail, Graveyard,
Spellcrafter, Catacombs, Wizard Tower, Executioner, Firepit, War Academy,
Spire, Aviary, Garden, Arborium, Statuary, Foundry, Maze, Sanitarium, Shadow
Gate, House of Horrors, Sacrificial Altar, Mortuary, Solarium, Sanctuary,
Castle, Keep, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Stonemason, Fortune Teller,
Circus, Monastery, Gunsmith, Colliseum, Hippodrome, Smelting Works, Arena,
Surgeon, Steam Works, Courthouse, Ranch, Park, Slave Market, Thieves Guild,
Mercenaries Guild, Mages Guild, Merchants Guild, Gambling House, Alchemist,
University, Theatre.


I have removed all the vanilla wonders. I am considering making only civ and
religion specific national wonders, this will depend on user feedback. The only
wonders in the game are:

Meeting Stone (national, 1 allowed) - ancient era palace
Palace(national, 1 allowed) - upgraded Meeting Stone

*element* Temple (national, 1 allowed) - like vanilla shrines. One for each


I havent even started with civics yet. The only ones in this version are the
starting civics and they do nothing at this point.


* havent yet figured out how to lock enemy religions into war status.
* no naval units yet except the work boat.
* most stuff really hasnt been balanced proplerly yet, especially past tier 2.
* the unit/tech lists in this doc are not 100% accurate, i will fix this for
the next update.
* i still havent figured out how to get the holy city/city religion icons to
work correctly.
* names for many buildings and techs are likely to change.
* the tech tree and building list are only about 2/3 complete in this version.
* the tier 4 units/buildings are not yet available for building.
* summoned units are not in yet.
* many graphics/buttons are incomplete or missing.
* there are no pedia entries written yet.


Big huge props to Kael and team. You/they have really inspired me to build my
own mod (not to mention all the stuff i stole from you guys).

I havent been keeping track of who made the graphics im using so if you see
something you made contact me and ill add your name to the list.


I am currently attending The Art Institute of Portland working on a BA in
Visual and Game Programming. Because of this i dont have as much time as i
would like work on the mod but i will update it as much as possible.

Email - qjaxun AT hotmail DOT com.


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