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HMV sees strong sales for Next-gen consoles, games

Dela @ Jun 01, 2007 23:23 | 3 comments

Retailer HMV is experiencing strong, healthy sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3. Sales of the consoles and games are holding up during the traditionally quiet summer months. The PS3, the most expensive of the consoles, is exceeding its sales targets but the retailer hopes for a price drop to boost it's overall performance.

"Sales remain in line with expectations, occasionally even exceeding them," commented Tim Ellis, head of games for the entertainment specialist. "We're looking forward to further games releases, and when the time's right, a suitable price revision to take the console to its next level of sales."

Microsoft's Xbox 360 isn't having any problems attracting buyers yet either, despite being on the market longer than its competitors. "The console continues to hold its own and I'm sure Microsoft will know when to consider stimulating sales further via pricing," Ellis said.

As for Nintendo, the Wii console is still one of the hottest items in stores about 6 months since it launched and supply problems are being improved. "Supply is stabilizing and Nintendo is doing a very good job of keeping us updated on key developments," said Ellis.


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Comment by: borhan9 (Jun 02, 2007 03:29)

I guess after reading this article retailers are happy either way. They don't care what console they sell as long as they sell something. Kudos to the retailers. :)

Comment by: ThaJazz (Jun 02, 2007 12:35)

wichever one they make the most profit on.more than likely the 360 only because M$ offer big discounts to chains that make large do i this my brother is manager at a gamestop.

Comment by: Unfocused (Jul 19, 2007 23:08)

The Wii should be number one if only you could find it in the store.


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