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File details

World of Warcraft Enchantrix v1.14 Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 132.91 kB
Game: World of Warcraft
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Dec 07, 2006
Downloads: 1607

This mod for World of Warcraft shows what items will disenchant into.

Mod details:


This plugin provides you with in-game data on what a particular item will
disenchant into were you to disenchant it.

It comes with a reasonably large prebuilt database of disenchantments, plus it
will collate any disenchants you do while it is loaded while you are playing


Download the installer for this AddOn, and set the install directory to your
World of Warcraft directory.

The Auctioneer and Enchantrix addons are fully compatible with each other, and
may be installed together.


1.13: Patch day part 2! 1.2.4 this time. Removed dependancy for lootlink.
Updated disenchantment database.
1.12: Patch day! 1.2.3 compliant enchantrix. Upgraded lootlink to 1.2.3.
1.11: Nasty bug with the Glowing/Glimmering shards mixup fixed.
1.10: Changed (ONLY the bundled) lootlink so it works with item in chat.
1.9: Upgraded lootlink (to 1.2.1 u5 version) in bundled version
1.8: Refixed bug from 1.3, new larger database
1.7: modified to use new lootlink 3.1 (patch3)
1.6: modified to use new lootlink 3.1.
1.5: packaging changes, added installer.
1.4: Added new lootlink.lua file which works on chat hyperlinks also
1.3: Fixed bug with Item disenchant sometimes not recording.
1.2: Fixed bug with Greater/Large Lesser/Small WRT shards.
1.1: Added lootlink.lua to zip file.

If you have any bug reports, please send them to norganna at



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