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File details

F.E.A.R. Edited Language Mod

Download now! Download now! File size: 2.85 MB
Game: F.E.A.R.
Platform: PC
File type: Mod
Date added: Apr 03, 2006
Downloads: 2484

This sound mod for F.E.A.R. removes all the swearing from the game.

Mod details:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This mod requires you to directly edit one of your game's
essential file archives. Please backup your original files BEFORE the editing
process. I am not responsible for any damage to your computer or software
arising from the direct or indirect use of this mod.

I listened to every voice file in the game and edited out most of the
profanity. I don't like to hear that kind of language if I can help it, and I
see from browsing the forums that there are at least a few people who feel the

I used Kalme's outstanding Arche Noah to extract the sound files. I then
listened to every single sound voice in the game...and there were 4,124 of
them. As tedious as that was, it was interesting because I discovered slightly
different variations of the story that were apparently abandoned.

At any rate, I edited 139 of the game's sound files using three methods. In
terms of the profanity used by the Replica soldiers, I simply replaced the
objectionable language with more benign exclamations that were already
available in the game's library of sound files. For the cutscenes and telephone
messages, I edited the files as best I could, taking great care to maintain the
original context of the segment.

In cases where I was unable to make a clean edit, I substituted static. The
most difficult segment to edit was the opening cutscene, or any other segments
that did not contain audio processing. I did the best I could with what was

I am a professional voiceover artist and avid gamer, but I didn't want to do
replacement segments out of respect for the overall gameplay experience. I
wanted these edits to be as seamless as possible. If you've never played the
game, I doubt you'd detect 95% of the changes I made. Even if you have played
it, you should find it pretty smooth.

Because of the constraints mentioned above, I was not able to eliminate every
profanity. I would say the game experience after my edits is akin to a PG-13
movie, as opposed to an R, like the unedited version. I was able to get every
f-word out, but some words like h--l, d--n, and s--t remain.


STEP 1: Unzip all the attached files (I assume you've already done that since
you're reading this). You'll find the Arche Noah tool that you'll need to view
and save your F.E.A.R game files, the original read me from that tool's
creator, and the "Edited_Voice_Files" folder which contains just the sound
files that I've edited.

STEP 2: Backup your original files. Go C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR and find
the file named "FEARL.Arch00." (Be careful to choose the right one...they all
have similar names. The one you're looking for should be about 106 MB). Make a
copy of it and name it FEARLoriginal.Arch00, or something similar. This will
serve as your backup in case the editing process goes awry or you wish to
revert back to the original.

STEP 3: Place ArcheNoah.exe in the FEAR folder. Double click it and hit the
escape button to skip the warning screen. Click on File and choose Open.
Navigate to the FEAR folder, select FEARL.Arch00, and click on it. Arch Noah
should open up that archive. (To be sure you have the right archive, you should
see the following folders: databaselocalized, interface, profiledatabase,
stringdatabase, tex, and voice.)

STEP 4: Highlight the "voice" folder and extract it. Then, open my folder
called Edited_Voice_Files and copy all the files into the folder you extracted.
You will be asked if you wish to overwrite; say yes to all. Now, go back into
Arche Edit and delete the original voice folder (the one you just extracted).
You will then re-insert the folder with the edited sound files by choosing Edit
on the Arche Noah menu and choosing "Insert Folder Content." Navigate to the
edited "voice" folder, select it and click OK.

STEP 5: After the folder has been inserted, save the archive by clicking File,
then Save.

That's all there is to it. Play the game, and enjoy!


I couldn't have edited these sound files without Arche Noah, so a sincere
thanks to Kalme for that excellent tool. Website:

Thanks to Ryan Thaut for his encouragement and for providing an alternate
download address for the full version of this mod:

And thanks to the creators of F.E.A.R. for what was an otherwise incredibly
rewarding game experience.

~Akira2, December 2005


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