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Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Town With No Name (PC)

Genre: Adventure | Aka: | Rating: (no votes)

"After uncovering the secrets of Midnight Manor, Delaware St. John and partner Kelly Bradford find themselves involved in a new mystery that proves to be darker and more sinister than the manor.

Deep in the woods of northern Maine there lies a town, a town that has never been recorded on any map. For twenty years the town has stood vacant after all occupants vanished one fateful night.

The voices have called to Delaware and as he explores the Town with No Name he comes to realize that the most important secret he's about to uncover is his own."

Using the psychic powers that reveal events from the past and future, interrogating spirits in the Town, and oursmarting and outmoving the evil behind the mystery, Delaware St. John can proceed in solving the secrets. Del has his VIC, a modern PDA device that he can use to take pictures, record sounds and contact his assistant Kelly for clues.

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Price: from $19.99


Release date: Dec 17, 2005 |

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