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Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars (GC)

Genre: Action , Adventure | Aka: , | Rating: Rating: 4.00  (1 vote)

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Price: from $19.82


Publisher: Eidos | Developer: Traveller's Tales | Release date: Oct 25, 2005 | Also available on: PC PS2 Xbox Mobile GBA |

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Latest user reviews

Overall rating: 4   Review by: heappi (Mar 09, 2006 22:15)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 4
Graphics: Graphics: 3
Audio: Audio: 3
Value: Value: 5
Tilt: Tilt: 4
Lego Star Wars is a game that shares plenty with the Star Wars saga. A straightforward platform/hack'n'slash -game, it is divided into missions based on well-known scenes from the latest SW-movies (episodes I-III).

Each mission, once unlocked fully, can be played co-op and with unlimited switching of characters. This means that players can switch from Anakin to Darth Maul to R2-D2 with a push of a button. So, after playing the game in its traditional mission mode one can switch over to this party-mode type of gameplay for some additional gaming. What this means is that while the mission mode is quickly finished, the game can be played over and over again with friends or alone.

Gameplay itself is true to the movies, with high-paced action yet no visible blood nor gore. This makes Lego SW a good parent's choice for christmas or birthday present even for younger family members (ESRB-rating: E).

The downsides to this game are in the graphics and audio department. Legos don't make pretty graphics so some might be put off with the building blocks of this game. Legos do not speak either, so there is no voice-acting involved. Finally, some of us would've preferred to see the better movies (ep IV-VI) as the basis of this game.

With probably the best E-rated game of the year, one can only hope there's a sequel in the works.


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