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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (PS3)

Genre: FPS | Aka: | Rating: Rating: 5.00  (1 vote)

Rainbow Six Vegas enters the "Sin City" and its international terrorist threat which is taking chaos to a next level. A new team with a new leader has been assigned to take care of the escalating threat. Logan Keller, the team leader and a recon expert, leads his squad to challenging tasks of hostage situations and terrorist attacks in classic Las Vegas locations such as casinos, Fremont Street and the Strip.

Observe, Plan and Assault, the tactical planning is a major factor in a successful execution and the right use of advanced equipment and strategics minimizes the risk. Prepare your team in the middle of action in real-time mission briefing and accomplish the mission objectives by listening the real-time tactical suggestions from your teammates. As you get closer to the nest of terrorists and the rank of terrorists rise so does the difficulty of missions. The advanced artificial intelligence provides more cunning enemies, terrorists who try to counter all your moves.

The multiplayer mode in Rainbow Six Vegas includes customizable characters that evolve during the multiplayer experience unlocking new equipment and achievements.

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Price: from $57.75


Publisher: Ubisoft | Developer: Ubisoft | Release date: Jun 26, 2007 | Also available on: PC Xbox 360 PSP |

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Latest user reviews

Overall rating: 5   Review by: MidnightJ (Jul 13, 2007 19:09)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 5
Graphics: Graphics: 5
Audio: Audio: 4
Value: Value: 5
Tilt: Tilt: 5
Rainbow Six Vegas on PS3 is an excellent achievement on the PS3, featuring superior graphics and awesome gameplay powered by the Unreal 3 engine.

Considering all the delays, this game was well worth the wait.

A lot people say "Its been out since November, why play the same game over again?" well in fact the PS3 version includes 20 maps, 10 of which had to be bought from the Xbox Live Marketplace. So really, the PS3 version is well worth its price.

The story mode on Rainbow Six really makes you feel like a commando, sending commands to your squad is a very easy and simple task and they respond very well. The AI of your squad is very fast at eliminating the enemy also, they can clear a room within seconds and take cover behind walls when necessary. And in the rare occasion they die, you can easily revive them.

Graphically the game looks like a PS3 game, though compared to 360, i actually thought the game looked better with reduced bloom lighting, it was much more clear to me. The bloom lighting on 360 offers more vibrant visuals in some areas, but PS3 to me was nice and clear and easy on the eyes. That is my own opinion. Everything else in the game from the decals to the texture all looked very nice to me and as top notch as the system can make it look. It also looked even better in HD on my monitor.

Control wise, the game controls excellent on PS3, a lot of people always complain about the PS3 analog sticks, but to me the game played very well on the SIXAXIS controller. The only motion sensor mode in the game was using the "snake camera" which is basically a very small camera you use in single player to look under doors. You get use to it eventually, but its really just a little feature that you either love or hate.

Gameplay wise, the game is awesome. Using the Unreal 3 gaming engine, the game plays very well and is something you really never get tired of. The all new cover system is excellent too, similar to Gears of War, when you hide behind cover, the game goes from FPS to a third-person view, and it makes the action so fun and intense. If you liked Gears of War or even Resident Evil 4, you will love this cover system camera and action it creates.

Sound wise, the game is fantastic all the way through, but there are the odd audio glitches that i began to notice after playing the game since June 28th/2007. Though they happen rarly and don't really effect anything, the only stuff i have noticed is, when shooting a gun, the sound for the gun fire will be slightly delayed, so when you shoot, then the sound is played. Another is if a gun is leaning against a wall, it might start shaking and make a bunch of pointless noise. Overall though the sound is crisp from the explosions to the voices to the gunfire and opening doors, it all sounds fantastic.

Though there is already a great single player game, the online is where it is at. I have spent countless hours on Rainbow Six on my PS3, its one of THE most addicting games i have ever played. You really just can't stop playing it. Online you make your own character or soldier which ranks up, you then unlock weapons, armor, hats & helmets, tons of different clothing and armor camo, and other customizable items. To rank up, you gain experience from winning games, wether its against players or against the computer, if you win, you get some type of experience. I usually just play terrorist hunt co-op, as i get 600 EXP per game if i win. Ranking up comes very quick this way. But of course there is still a lot of competitive games such as Deathmatch (Sharpshooter) Team Deathmatch (Team Sharpshooter) and other popular and unique game types. Competitive or not, the game is very addicting and fun online and will keep you playing for along time. The game supports 14 players over 20 maps and a total of 10 game modes. All of the modes are very customizable, if you want a counter-strike like deathmatch, you can turn the respawns off.

If you have never played Rainbow Six or played it Rainbow Six Vegas on Xbox 360 or PC, this game is worth every dollar and you are sure to enjoy it, and if you don't have a good online game for your PS3 yet, you have absouluty no reason to not buy this game.


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