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Microsoft the early king of Christmas

Davedough @ Jan 02, 2007 10:58 | 17 comments

A recent report released by US Market Research firm NPD shows that Microsoft may have won the console war this holiday season with its Xbox 360. The year old console was found everywhere, filling shelves while the two newest contenders into the ring were fighting to keep supply up to the level of demand.

The numbers released in a CNBC video report appear to possibly be a tad optimistic. They claim that since the beginning of November and through the holiday season, Microsoft has sold 2 million units compared to the 1.8 million units sold by rival Nintendo and a meager 750,000 units sold by Sony. However, with the tally going from the beginning of November and the fact that Nintendo didn't release until the 19th, the numbers appear to be a bit one sided. Who's to say what would have happened if Nintendo had an additional 19 days to put products on shelves. We may have seen a different king crowned this holiday season.


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Comment by: Unlockneo (Jan 02, 2007 11:33)


Comment by: DamonDash (Jan 02, 2007 12:01)

How did i figured before this page was loaded that Davedough made this....???

There really no truth to this plus one console was already out.So almost a month head start over Wii & PS3 plus not to count consoles coming in short & out of i think not.

Comment by: Dela (Jan 02, 2007 13:20)

@DamonDash, quote from article...

"However, with the tally going from the beginning of November and the fact that Nintendo didn't release until the 19th, the numbers appear to be a bit one sided. Who's to say what would have happened if Nintendo had an additional 19 days to put products on shelves. We may have seen a different king crowned this holiday season."


Comment by: Pop_Smith (Jan 02, 2007 13:40)

I would call this one a tie between Nintendo and M$.

But I think its awesome how many Wii's Nintendo was able to produce and even then they, for the most part, couldn't keep up with demand either.

Sony almost hit the million mark, which shows progress.

In the end, I think it was a nice holiday season for all three companies.

Comment by: Davedough (Jan 02, 2007 15:16)


How did you know that I wrote this? Maybe the fact that I work here and you dont.. I'm not sure. I just posted news from a preliminary report done, not by me, but by someone else. Had you read my blurb in it's entirity, you'd see that I believe the numbers to not reflect the true sales figures of the three console giants. Finish your hooked on phonics lessons and read the entire aritcle before you jump on a bandwagon, k?

Comment by: DamonDash (Jan 03, 2007 06:57)

First off your tread has been reported second for you to be a staff writer alot & i mean alot of people see the bias you have toward Sony just about half of your Junk your write has some to do with Microsoft doing something over Sony.First off i happen to own both consoles.But its not hard to see where your come from when you post this mess.Im starting to think your skills are limited,you can do better than this.

Comment by: error5 (Jan 03, 2007 08:01)


Maybe you should complain to NPD - the market research company that released the report in the first place:

Comment by: DamonDash (Jan 03, 2007 08:24)

My problem not with NPD they can write whatever they want..Its with people that dont know how to put there job before there own personal feelings.That what i have a issue with.Also when you in a position like that to lash out at someone that never said anything out they way.But hey he showing his true colors.

Comment by: Dela (Jan 03, 2007 10:12)

thats funny, cause dave is probably the biggest sony supporter i know... and i think i know more personally about dave than you. Obviously you didn't read the full text before you commented and yes, the figures came from NPD and yes, they do seem one-sided and unfair, as dave pointed out.

Now, proper news comments from here on out would be desirable....

Comment by: Davedough (Jan 03, 2007 10:19)


I'm not quite sure I understand you correctly. Or possibly you don't understand my position correctly. You wish for someone to put their job before themselves but you fail to recognize that ALL I have done here and with ANY of my articles is regurgitate news that is spread out on the Internet. This, nor any of the other console articles are mine, hence the "Source" link at the end of each one. Your frustrations lie with other people, it just so happens that myself and Dela are two of the more active content editors at the time being.

Also, I really don't understand how, in your pure hatred for my apparent Microsoft fanboyism, you failed to miss the fact that I dont believe Microsoft ran away with the spoils of this holiday season.

I find the whole thing incredibly entertaining as, I don't own an Xbox, I have no plans of it. Also, of the 3 machines I usually post news from, 1 of them is Windows. The others being Linux and OS X. I'm so anti-microsoft, its quite hilarious to me to be called a M$ fanboy.

Comment by: f3niks (Jan 03, 2007 10:49)

@DameDash :)

Calm down. It appears to me that Dave is only passing along the news. Are you more upset at the Dave, the source or Neo for posting OWNED in the first reply?

If Dave's a fanboy of anything, I'd say he's more loyal Sony(and to a greater extent a Doraemon)than M$.


I think these numbers aren't of that much importance because of the conditions you mentioned in the last three sentences (later release dates for Ps3 and Wii, low inventory numbers..etc). Next year it will be much more of a console war because the newer systems will have a year under their belt, each console will have their share of original titles, and the consoles should be readily available around that time.

Comment by: DamonDash (Jan 03, 2007 12:22)

Dela first of i dont care to know you or Dave and second your missing the point i dont care what NPD or anyone else say about Sony or Microsoft.Its that everytime i open News content from AD that DaveDoughboy write its aways has something to say about Microsoft doing this or that to Sony.Is he a Fan-boy dont know dont care but it seem like someone is a little bias when they write.I'm not the only one on this site that notice this..thats the funny part.That why he respond to me so rude because he know what im talking about.Davedoughboy is that the only News you can find in this whole world?

My name is DamonDash for those of you that cant Read not Demondash.

Comment by: f3niks (Jan 03, 2007 13:10)


This reads like you have some sort of personal issue or something. Grow up.

Comment by: Davedough (Jan 03, 2007 13:12)

You know what, you're right, DiggerDashes. I get paid from Microsoft for every time I use their name in an article. Good thing for me too since they're one of the largest corporations in the world, have their hands in just about anything electronic and happen to be at the forefront of almost every topic this website covers. I'll just sit back in my cush Microsoft house, sip on some Xbox Live energy drink and wipe myself with my Sony toilet paper. Ahhh... life is good.

Comment by: DamonDash (Jan 03, 2007 13:19)

I guess you remember this post also dont ya doughboy.I stand corrected.I will waste no more time on you & your nothing more than toilet paper material articles

Newbie Hush up !

Comment by: Davedough (Jan 03, 2007 13:28)

I do remember that article quite well in fact. I also remember my extremely valid arguement to another disgruntled fanboy that it is not my fault Sony cant keep bad press out of their lineup. Believe me, I'd LOVE to report bad press on the other two consoles because I get paid per article I submit. It's just, either one of the other content editors beat me to the story (Wii lanyard, Xbox heating issues), I wasn't here at that time (Xbox heating issues) or the company just isn't making the same type of news worthy mistakes.

It's fine, discussion over. If you dont want to read my articles anymore, that actually makes me feel better because I know my news will reach an audience with a broader scope of thinking. Think what you wish of me and enjoy your life doing so. This discussion has become pointless.

Comment by: Dela (Jan 03, 2007 13:41)

Ok, back on topic now folks :-)


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