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Nintendo Revolution will cost less than $300

Dela @ Jan 22, 2006 22:19 | 17 comments

Speaking in an interview with earlier this week, Nintendo's executive vice president of sales and Marketing Reggie Fils-Aime said the Revolution console will go on sale later this year for less than $300. He also took the opportunity to criticise the company's rivals for the high prices consumers have to pay for their new consoles. As an example, he said a consumer would need to spend $700 to properly experience what the Xbox 360 console has to offer.

The PS3 is also rumored to go on sale for about $500. "We resolve at Nintendo to remain within reach for the vast majority of our consumers," Fils-Aime said. The news of the Revolution's cheaper price tag sent Nintendo's shares up 6.4% in Japan to 16,090 yen on Friday. Fils-Aime believes that the cheaper price will attract new gamers that are scared off by the other consoles' prices.

He also said that the Revolution's game line-up will attract gamers that are constantly forgotten about such as women or people aged over 35. Developing games for the console will apparently be far cheaper than for the Xbox 360 or PS3, which are rumored to require intensive labor and are expensive to develop for. No details were given by Fils-Aime about the games that will be available for launch, just that the company will show some titles at E3.

Nintendo will also use a four step program to rehabilitate its image in the gaming market throughout 2006. "First, focusing on a single-minded gaming device. Second, bringing real innovation to the controller in the way consumers play the game. Third, a value orientation that certainly is not present with our competitors. And fourth, leveraging the power of our library with the virtual consoles," Fils-Aime said.



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Comment by: Reasons? (Jan 22, 2006 23:09)

Easier and cheaper development costs = crap ass graphics.

Aren't most people ready for serious graphics and multi-media capabilities? I think what Nintendo is missing, is that we'll pay more for games that look best.

How will it feel playing the revolution then watching yoru friend play the PS3? You'll feel ripped, garunteed.

Comment by: freshguy (Jan 23, 2006 01:43)

I guess ole Mario, Yoshi, and Kirby don't eat up the polygons like Master Chief and Solid Snake do.

Comment by: rootboy (Jan 23, 2006 02:40)

I love the PSP over the DS primarily because of the graphics, so I can't srgue that you don't have valid points. On the other hand, good graphics only go so far. I would play a low res version of Zelda over an HD version of the latest Madden ripoff or whatever it is we're supposed to be spending our money on anyday.

Comment by: Richaayy (Jan 23, 2006 06:28)

if you favour graphics over an innovative fun game then shut up about the rev and go buy your xbox 360 and ps3 and your HD TV. Theyre polar opposites it seems.. so stop comparing them.

Comment by: Messiah (Jan 23, 2006 08:57)

Surely I say unto you n00bs, Bringeth thy heathen asses to thy nearest convenient video game merchant and proclaim your n00bishne55, but beware: pwnz0rz and masterers will laugh @ you and surely you will get pwnt. The Revolution is as it is proclaimed by my appointed Prophet Reginald not doubt him, for he speaks for me. If you truly do not want the Revolution, then I say unto thee: STFU and do not buy it, but do not blaspheme its holy glory. Surely you are a n00b if you cannot see the capabilities of the Revolution, but it is your decision (n00b).

Comment by: damo_red (Jan 23, 2006 09:32)

i should think it is going to be less then $300. it should be half that price.

i would conisder buying one when the system comes down to like 100 or equilivent in dollers. the idea is great, the games will be fun especially some of the classics, but the hardware is nothing so i would expect to pay near to nothing for the console, it must have a markup price of around 300% lol.

Comment by: Persbian (Jan 23, 2006 11:25)

what do you guys mean bout the hardware sucking? Have you read any interviews from Nintendo ppl? They're not competing with Xbox 360 and PS3 bc changes in graphics nowadays are not that big. (Oh no..i wont see shaq sweating as he misses a free throw.)

The Revolution is all about bringing a cheap affordable system to the home. I think 300$ is a bit much, but so is 400 or 500$. The revolution will be awesome because of its innovative controllers. Aside from that, only Sony can tout something unique in their system (the blu ray drive), which gives the kiddies leverage over their parents by offering the new media format player. Anyway, read a review on the revolution and how it will truly revolutionize the way you even think about gaming (anything from fishing to basketball, to metroid).

My only gripe with nintendo is the game selection tends to focus on little kids when the avg gamer is much older.

Comment by: HALTRON (Jan 23, 2006 11:42)

Does anyone have any links for any info on the Revolution, ps3 and xbox seem to be taking all the glory these days?

Comment by: Reasons? (Jan 23, 2006 11:44)

Have fun with thei rnew focus - gamers over 35 and women, lol.

It'll be about $200-250 just by looking at the form factor you can just plain see that high-end hardware isn't goign to fit or cool in there.

Now grphics may nto be important to YOU, but that's your opinion, and when it all comes down to PC games and consoel games, everyoen I talk to always starts it off with "did you get a load of those graphics!!!?!?"

Grahpics play a mor eimportant role now than ever. Only hard core Nintendo fans are goign to down play them now. If Nintendo went with a virtual reality system costing thousands, the hard core Nintendo fans would turn aroudn righ then and say stuff like "phhhst, Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics are so lame, realistic virtual reality is next gen and is really important!"

We can't even see or hear you, and most of us aren't going to fall for half-ass lies and down play.

Comment by: nonoitall (Jan 23, 2006 15:18)

IMHO: Graphics have gotten to the point that whatever you buy, it'll have great graphics. In most applications, I doubt people will be able to tell the difference between 15 million polygons and 16 million. What game developers need to focus on now is the quality of the games themselves - not the graphics. As far as I'm concerned, a game can have the crapiest graphics in the world, but if it makes up for it with other aspects of the game like a good plot and game-play, it still can be a great game. The Revolution's graphics might not be the best of the next-gen systems, but if they come out with good games does it really matter? No point in arguing about it - if you want good graphics, go PS3 or if you can't wait or can't afford that, go Xbox 360. If you play games for something other than graphics (game-play, plot, etc) buy the system(s) with the games you like.

Comment by: GZed (Jan 26, 2006 20:09)

"Easier and cheaper development costs = crap ass graphics"

Rubbish. Look at the PS2. Its very difficult to get the most out of. Games with a multi-platform release look worse on the PS2, than they do on the Gamecube or Xbox.

The Gamecube has modest hardware spec's but is pretty easy to develope for, and the result is same game looks better on the 'cube than PS2.

Hardware specs on papar dont amount to anything. Lets see what the games actually look like, then we can talk.

Comment by: sheri1983 (Jan 26, 2006 22:34)

I'm not particularly loyal to any system, but here are some of my random thoughts.

If graphics are so important, why do so many people want backwards compatibility??? Because people are willing to overlook graphics to get great game play!

The PSP has excellent graphics. The DS has decent graphics. When I first got the PSP, everyone flocked around to see it. No one was really impressed with the DS... but gameplay-wise, the DS is clearly superior. This is why the PSP has sat on my shelf, no kidding, for over 6 months. After 4 months (I got a Japanese PSP), the gee-wiz factor had died and I never picked it up again. The DS gets regular play time. Since the release of Animal Crossing Wild World, I'm afraid I'll wear it out! And what PSP game can compete with WarioWares?

Who thinks the current crop of Xbox 360 games is lacking? Call Of Duty 2 has awesome graphics and great gameplay, but it seems to be the exception. Actually, Condemned has the best graphics, but goofy-a$$ gameplay (Why am I collecting dead birds and pieces of metal, anyway?). Madden 06 and NBA Live 06 seem like rushed hack-jobs to me. Quake 4 is decent, but I bet it wouldn't look much worse on the GameCube. Perfect Dark Zero has lackluster graphics and lame gameplay. Which game is my favorite so far? Probably Hexic, the XBL Arcade game that comes free with the 360. Very simple graphics and simple, but addictive, gameplay. Obviously, programmers haven't figured out how to fully exploit the 360 yet. The Revolution should be able to hang with the first crop of Xbox 360 games.

I don't see where the $700 figure for the 360 comes from... $400 for console/controller/headset you can plug into your router... $100 more for wireless adapter if you must. Are they adding in a year's subscription to XBL (~$60)? Three additional wireless controllers with the recharging pack ($180)? I have two pretty-well maxed out 360s (only 4 controllers total, though) and I don't think I've spent much over $1200, unless you add in games.

I'm sure I'll get a PS3 and a Revolution, too. Which will be best? It depends. For Halo 3, the Xbox 360 will be best. For Mario, et al, it will be the Revolution. It's the exclusive titles that will force you to pick and choose.

Don't suffer from polygon envy! Enjoy what you've got.

Comment by: PaulY^ (Jan 27, 2006 01:00)

I finally found a subject that has given me enough enthusiasm to post a reply,(not that i dont feel strongly about many other subjects on here, just that this one make me feel good about something going on in the whole entertainment industry at the moment), and thats a nice change.

Having just returned from Canada over Christmas i got to experience the Xbox 360 console and really thought it was a neat little piece of equipment,Im sure it will soon be cracked and chipped :o).

I truly look forward to the PS3 being released and being able to have a closer look at that also, altho over the last few months i have a definent leaning away from the Blu-ray DVD, my reasons are many and i have watched sony over the years release many electrical items that have great options and beautiful user interfaces as long as they are used with what sony perceive to be legal, emphasising on security against people using there equipment to play or execute any software not authorised by sony, but that is sonys perogative and i many times have bought a very cheap brand of equipment over the sony equipment as the cheap brand nearly always plays much the same and the cheap brand plays and executes various code and programs above and beyond sonys security emphasised brand.

As for Microsoft I do love using many of the microsoft products altho many of them have no useful purpose other than to look at and admire and click on occasionally.

I would note im very happy that Apple has found a niche back in the main market after holding on in quiet desperation for so long with the Macintosh based hardware system, also this niche will more than likely make it much easier for those who want to view the latest movies on there own media once this ipod video takes hold , i for one will have no hesitation in buying a ipod movie and (thanks to many of us who have worked over the years to create some of the nicest free media converters out there) i will have no hesitation converting the movie to one of the many formats to play on my "cheap hardware product" on my cheap 120 cm TV while sitting down in the cool evening with my kids playing games on there chipped consoles on the cheap TVs, and with the help of my adsl connection and bit torrent make sure i have a friend check the quality of the release.(what happens to that security stripped release after that is not my concern :o)

Finally The Nintendo Revolution , im 42 years of age and never really liked Nintendo as my choice of console was the Sega back when nintendo and sega where competitors which i found after testing many emulators was a shame as ninetendo have released so nice games over the years, but what caught my eye in this press release was that the company was looking at a target of over 35 and women, personally i think they may truly be onto a huge market if they are able to read what that market wants in a gaming console, i for one know all my mates and ppl around my age are not interested in latest top graphics in a console, we mainly play them to escape the top shit computer systems we are on most of the time and would probably be playing them with our kids at times, (with the emphasis being that this bloody console is mine so is the 120 cm TV its playing on ATM so piss off and play ya PS3 and Xbox 360 if you dont like my game)which will give me time to play the types of role playing games i enjoy, that have some sort of end result with a decent story and fluid gameplay with graphics that may be 3 years behind what my computer is running but hey 3 years ago we still had top shit graphics systems, and as long as the games are good Nintendo will get a sale from me , if they stuff up with there releases and start selling shit addons in a vain attempt to get the younger gaming market they will lose me and ill probably toss the console in the cupboard with my other antique collectable consoles (hi there amstrad i see you in the back of the cupboard).

Anyways i think the concept is a great idea i just hope they dont fuck it up too much and try to revive old games cos they would be missing the point of there market, if we want to play old games we have emulators so why bother.

Cheers to all the gamers out there and a special thumbs up to all media hackers , keep working away, its always worth it :o).

Comment by: dg0896 (Feb 17, 2006 22:03)

This is my opinion:

I think the revolution will be a better console because of the controller and it will be more new user friendly. Yeah the ps3 and xbox360 have more graphics power. WHO CARES! Hardly any of it will be used anyhow. The games for all consoles will most likely have equavilent in graphics capabilities.

Comment by: sokratiz (Feb 22, 2006 00:27)

Nintendo has actually put out some amazing stuff, if only in japan. But don't clown on em, I think they'll compete heavily this time around

Comment by: mudearies (Feb 22, 2006 13:12)

personally i think the nintendo is doomed this time around anyone heard of that eyetoy like micrsoft is working on,LMAO i always liked the EYETOY way better then that so called revolution pad ,ps3 and xbox 360 will have far better graphics and it will support HD,and like that wasnt enough actually sony is working on another EYETOY and same with microsoft so when you see the possibilities of the EYETOY and the limited pad revolution,PS3 or xbox 360 will be the way to go,dont wanna sound like a nintendo hater but ,its true nintendo is going down just like sega and atari.


sega only made games

atari only made games

nintendo only makes games

microsoft makes games and software

sony makes games,electronics,music,movies,software ect.hell sony even makes Blu-ray and processor cell with thoshiba and ibm.

and the thing about nintendo is it keeps realising the same shi%% when i was five i liked playing mario and zelda ,but now im 19 and dont want that anymore its boring wheres the new stuff ?????

unlike nintendo sony and microsucks actually buy third parties and they create NEWWWW HOTTT games like killzone,god of war ,ICO,shadow of the colossus,fable,forza,halo ect.

how about nintendo geist,fire emblem , what are you doing nintendo you got competition here, get in the game or you will die.

Comment by: dazila (Sep 10, 2006 07:45)

SOny is just rip offs they will never get any where what happend to the so powerful ps2 i rememeber talking in another forum way back in 1999 yeah 7 years ago and i really got mad at this guy that said you watch gamecube will be the same as the ps2 graphics wise i said stop fulling your self i bought both consoles in 2001 and 2002 and guess what the guy was right thats always stuck in my head and oyu will see it will be the same thing just watch the Nintendo wii does have cheaper graphics but the games will never use all of it in any of the consoles


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