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Flatout 2

Flatout 2 (Xbox)

Genre: Racing | Aka: | Rating: Rating: 4.00  (1 vote)

FlatOut 2 improves the popular destruction racing franchise with new and enhanced Crash TrueT game engine, now with more interaction between cars and environment. The physics engine provides a true feel of driving combined with pure fun of creating destruction and chaos while the advanced Rag Doll stunts improves the scoring system and launch mechanics.

The game features 12 new events in both Rag Doll Championship and online Rag Doll mode, which can be played with up to eight players. Use the in-game voice communication to chat or taunt the opponents. You will be rewarded with cash and nitros by causing damage to opposing drivers and over 2000 breakable objects alike, and by spending the money on upgrades you improve your chance of hitting it big. You can also collect money in all-new Demolition Arenas, destroying anything in your path to the championship.

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Price: from $16.99


Release date: Aug 01, 2006 | Also available on: PC PS2 |

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Latest user reviews

Overall rating: 4   Review by: d0gi (Aug 14, 2006 06:34)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 4
Graphics: Graphics: 5
Audio: Audio: 4
Value: Value: 4
Tilt: Tilt: 5
Flatout 2 doesn't offer anything radically new compared to it's predecessor, but it still manages to improve some aspects. Graphics are at least impressive, considering the hardware limits. The scenery is very well made and just about every track side object can be smashed and broken. Sometimes you can take shortcuts through buildings trashing everything inside, which adds to the fun. The sound effects are also nice, but I didn't enjoy the soundtrack that much. It does have some big names like Megadeth and Mötley Crüe, though.

The driving physics might be a bit frustrating at first, but there are many different cars to choose from, so if constantly spin off the track and swirl around like a tornado, you could try changing to another car. I started with a RWD car and almost stopped playing because it was really hopeless. In my opinion, RWD cars seem to be the fastest but hardest to control, FWD's are quite balanced and 4WD's are the easiest to control and cause havoc, but are bigger and a bit slower.

Sometimes the "rubber band AI" really get's on the nerves, especially at the higher levels. No matter how well you drive, flipping your competition with the pit manouver(tm), they always seem to catch you. One tiny error on the last lap may drop you from first to fifth position or so.

One thing I really miss is a better replay system. Sometimes I cause spectacular mass pile-ups, but in replay it shows only for a split second before the camera changes direction or my car flies by. You can only follow your own car and there's no rewind (except all the way to the start). You can't save the replays, either.

Overall Flatout 2 is very much fun and of course recommended to anyone who likes racing games, but also those who think normal racing games are boring.


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