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File details

Quake 4 v1.3 to v1.4.2 Patch for Linux

Download now! Download now! File size: 73.05 MB
Game: Quake 4
Platform: PC
File type: Patch
Date added: Jun 20, 2007
Downloads: 459

This Linux patch for Quake 4 upgrades the game from v1.3 to v1.4.2 making a host of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, as well as adding multiplayer spectating and new maps.

Patch details:

* player lean, player models lean in the direction of movement
use g_playerLean to scale or disable the effect (client side)
* fix wallhugging on ramps
fix also makes ramps slightly faster
* horizontal speed fully maintained when crouch sliding and hitting a ramp
previous version had a little dip
1.4.1 had a bug that caused a sharp speed drop (this is also fixed)
* RG ammo box 10->7
change was initiallly advertised in 1.4.1 but didn't make it in
* si_fps limited to 90fps for q4mp/, now declared in gamecode so mods can change their max


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