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Saints Row

Saints Row (Xbox 360)

Genre: Action , Adventure | Aka: , | Rating: Rating: 3.00  (2 votes)

"Under threat from rival gangs and corrupt officials, the 3rd Street Saints must conquer the city of Stilwater or face destruction."

In Saints Row players jump in to the hoods of Stilwater. You will be able to explore the city freely while building up your respect among the 3rd Street Saint's lieutenants. When your respect rises, the missions get more dangerous and demanding. As you advance in the game, you are able to customize your character. To survive you must be aware at all times or the living and breathing city will punish.

You can play Saints Row in an innovative Xbox Live multiplayer games which supports up to 12 players.

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Price: from $28.89


Publisher: THQ | Release date: Aug 29, 2006 |

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Latest user reviews

Overall rating: 5   Review by: ammad123 (Nov 07, 2008 22:39)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 0
Graphics: Graphics: 0
Audio: Audio: 0
Value: Value: 0
Tilt: Tilt: 0
LOVED this game , allot more fun then GTA IV for definite , more fun was the aim of this game and it Delivered :)

I have been a devoted GTA player for a long time now , since GTA2 , and iv never seen a rival of such potential to match or perhaps beat out GTA gameplay wise , this was BRILLIANT ! reminded me of San Andreas , my favorite Game :)

Overall rating: 1   Review by: ugc (Nov 07, 2008 19:41)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 0
Graphics: Graphics: 0
Audio: Audio: 0
Value: Value: 0
Tilt: Tilt: 0
I did not like this game at all. I guess I wanted it to be MORE like


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