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Gran Turismo HD

Gran Turismo HD (PS3)

Genre: Racing | Aka: | Rating: Rating: 3.60  (5 votes)

Gran Turismo HD continues the victory streak of the racing franchise with next true-to-life graphics, physics and real-life cars and tracks. The game offers two types of game modes GT HD Premium and GT HD Classic. In GT HD Premium players features cars and tracks like never before in full high definition quality and GT HD Classic provides racing game fans with unique online gameplay including additional, up to 770, car models, and up to 51 tracks through downloads. Also during gameplay, players have the possibility to manage race regulations, online competition and communities, as well as organize race events.

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Price: from $57.75


Publisher: Sony | Release date: Jan 24, 2007 |

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Latest user reviews

Overall rating: 5   Review by: MidnightJ (Jul 13, 2007 19:25)

Gameplay: Gameplay: 5
Graphics: Graphics: 5
Audio: Audio: 5
Value: Value: 5
Tilt: Tilt: 5
If you own a PS3 you have no reason to not download this game for FREE!

I have always liked the Gran Turismo games, with so many ways to change the setup of your vehicle and with so many life like cars, it has always been a 5/5 game.

Gran Turismo HD concept is a great download, the graphics are very top notch and it really gives a taste of how GT should feel when GT5 comes out. Finally the developers have realised drifting is popular and has been possible on GT for many years and have finally added a drifting mode. The drifting mode is awesome, since i did a lot of drifting in GT4, i was right at home with this.

The graphics look much better then GT4, though the tire smoke is still the same as GT4, i would love to see new smoke effects.

Gameplay wise, the game is very similar to GT4, though there are some new tweaks. There is now engine lag, so you no longer are always fully accelerating, shifting the weight of the car will reduce some of the acceleration characteristics. When going full throttle, you will see some red in the accel bar, meaning your engine has some lag in it. The vehicles also are effected much more by the way you shift there weight.

The game looks unbelieveable on replay, you could swear it is real. The fans in along the track are even more realistic then before, and the game looks amazing in 1080p mode.

What you get in the download is 2 modes, and 20 cars. You have 1 track with a forward and reverse mode of play, and 10 stock cars and 10 tuned cars. Before heading out to the race you can adjust the tires, the traction control sysem (TCS) and the ASM (Active Stability Managment) TCS and ASM must be turned off in order to do the drift trial, as they prevent oversteering of the car.

The course to me looks like a Italian alp course with mountains in the distance, or a track in the Northern Europe. The course is quite well designed, with many fast parts and many slow parts. Many ways to improve and lose time on your record.

As far as any online play goes, all there is is a online ranking board. Your drift or time trial is registered each time to the ranking for each car. Each car has its own ranking for both course directions wether it is time trial or drift trial. Time trial you race for the best time, drift trial you race for the most drifting time.

Overall the game is for sure worth downloading and if you have a PS3 and want to test out your HDTV, this is really worth a download regardless of the reason.


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