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Distant Guns!

Distant Guns! (PC)

Genre: Simulation | Aka: | Rating: (no votes)

Distant Guns! is a Naval Simulation which sets during the Russo-Japanese War in the first decade of 20th century. The game offers huge battlegrouds, up to 100km wide maps, and even if you go near the "edge", the game autogenerates more. The battles are fought in state-of-the-art 3D environment with advanced visual effects, including dynamic lighting, astronomical positions and phases and weather effects, which affect the ship and weapon performace. The ballistics are accurately calculated for every shot you make including armor penetration and the ship models are carefully modelled from detail to detail from over 200 historical ships, from torpedo boats to battleships.

Other key features include:

- 16 Player Multiplay - Play against up to 16 other players in LAN and internet multiplay, or against a challenging computer opponent. If players leave a multiplayer game, the computer opponent can take over for them.

- Searchlights, mines, base defenses and shore batteries.

- Extensive Navigation Assistance Loc, including automatic torpedo and collision avoidance, helps you keep your forces organized during a battle.

- Shell Cam - Shells and torpedoes are visible on the way to their targets. Shell-cam allows you to see the battle as viewed from flying shells.

- Automatic targeting of secondary weapons – You don’t have to worry about manually re-targeting to take care of close-in threats while engaging more critical targets at a distance.

- Detailed resolution of damage and repairs, with crew based damage control, on-board flooding and fires.

- Limited intelligence – You only see enemy forces that can be seen from your own ships.

- Scenarios cover eight historical battles, two historical variants, and two hypothetical battle. Experience the surprise night torpedo attack on Port Arthur. Play battles as small as single ship duels or as large as the climactic Battle of Tsushima.

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Price: from $19.99


Release date: Sep 29, 2006 |

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