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There was a problem with your download

Please keep reading to find a solution!

You did not receive this page in error. If you're seeing this, please read the page completely before contacting us in vain. The reason you are seeing this page is that something at your end is causing the HTTP_REFERER information not to be send to our server. Either you came from a third-party website or you have a firewall or a download accelerator at your end.

Register as a member and bypass the HTTP_REFERER check!

You can bypass the HTTP_REFERER-check by registering as a member. If you are already registered, but are not logged in, please click here to login. Registered users can access all the downloads by logging in to our site.

In case you do not wish to register, please try and follow these steps:

1 if you are using some of the "download assistants" like GoZilla, GetRight, etc.. try disabling it altogether, or atleast make sure it is forwarding the HTTP_REFERER information correctly. Eg. in GetRight: Open GetRight Configuration, check the Send "Referer" in HTTP Request under Advanced/Protocol, and then Generated from the download URL.
2 if you used Internet Explorer and used right mouse-button and selected Save Target As..., you probably ended up here. IE has a serious bug in this feature, so it doesn't work here. Sorry. Use left mouse button to download the software.
3 if you're using a personal firewall (such as Norton Personal Firewall or ZoneAlarm) it is probably blocking the HTTP_REFERER information to "protect your privacy". Please check the firewall documentation on how to enable the HTTP_REFERER information to be sent. Eg. in ZoneAlarm it is done as follows: Open Privacy, Cookie Control, Custom. There uncheck the "remove private header information" -setting.
4 if you're using the Opera browser it might also be blocking the HTTP_REFERER information. Please check the documentation for information on how to configure your browser to work properly.
5 if you're using any type of a pop-up killer or adblocker (eg. AdSubstract) it might be blocking the HTTP_REFERER as well.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Because bandwidth is very expensive, and we cannot afford to waste it, we have been forced to take measures against hot-linking from 3rd party websites to files located at our servers, and unfortunately you, our users, are the ones who have to suffer.

If you came to this page from a site outside, please contact the webmaster of the site in question and inform him/her of our policy. You can use the Search form at the top of the page to find the files you were trying to download, or just click here to search.

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