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Downloading Half-Life 2 Antlion Troopers Deuce Mod (PC)...

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Name Date added Downloads File size
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Garry's Mod v9.0.4 (PC)

This Garry's Mod for Half-Life 2 lets players take advantage of the game's physics engine as you can modify objects, change character poses and create own vehicles.

6 Apr, 2006 12102  
View file detailsHalf Life 2 Smod v3.2 Mod (PC)

Smod adds new weapons and physics configs to Half-Life 2.

6 Apr, 2006 8252  
View file detailsHalf Life 2 Combine Destiny Mod (PC)

Combine Destiny is a modification which adds Half-Life 2 a new single player campaign in which you play as a member of combine squad and battle zombies.

6 Apr, 2006 8097  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Rock 24 Mod (PC)

This mod puts you on a mission, of course as Gordon Freeman, to rescue a rebel scientist from the mountainside prison Rock 24.

14 Dec, 2006 6436  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Weekday Warrior (PC)

A Half-Life 2 mod in which "Metal Gear Solid meets Office Space."

14 Dec, 2006 5304  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 demo (PC)

Single player demo for Valve's Half-Life 2 including early missions from the full game and the are of Ravenholm.

6 Apr, 2006 2460  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Source Forts v1.9.0 Mod (PC)

Source Forts Mod is a team-based modification for Half-Life 2 where teams build base and battle as in CTF.

7 Apr, 2006 2180  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Troy: Divine Playground Mod (PC)

This mod lets you enter the Trojan war and play as the messenger of gods.

14 Dec, 2006 2006  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 Eclipse v1.2 Mod (PC)

This mod converts Half-Life 2 into a fantasy game in which you adventure and fight as a sorceress called Violet using unique spells and skills.

6 Apr, 2006 842  
View file detailsHalf-Life 2 MINERVA: Metastasis 2 Mod (PC)

This modification adds a new single player campaign, episode of Minerva series, for Half-Life 2.

6 Apr, 2006 793  

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